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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weekly Comics for 1407.30

Weekly Comics for 1407.30

Eventually, one of these needs to be short, right?

I am limiting myself to just one of the comic books for this week in terms of a sort of mini-review and the top five covers. I am writing this on the last day of December in 2014. I have to start to post these at a greater rate of speed or I will never catch up.

Though last week's comics (speaking of July 23 here) were wonderful, a great week for comics, this week's comics were not very memorable or very notable.

Though a DC comic did not take top spot last week, I had more DC's highly ranked last week than comics from any other company. And so, it occurred to me that I had never counted which publisher published the comic from the top spot every week.

I started this weekly comics listing and ranking over on the T-shirt blog in June of 2013. I have completed 53 weeks of comic book listing and ranking since. I have many more unfinished blog entries as I am writing about July comics in December of 2014 (soon to be 2015). I suspect I may have miscounted and may have missed some weeks. But going with these numbers, since the start in June of 2013, I have ranked a Marvel comic as number one 26 times. Sixteen of my one rankings have been an Image or an Archie comic, and eleven have been from DC, mostly Aquaman and Green Arrow.

There's a glimpse at statistics. Now on to comics.

RE: SPOILERS: I don't have to explain that you read at your own risk, right?

CBR for JULY 30, 2014

IGN FOR JULY 30, 2014

Above you will find the round ups I have been using as source material lately. As I wrote previously, this was an unremarkable week, even though there are several good comics. I was sad to see Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze have a short run, and since I am a big Doc Savage fan, I have more to share on this subject in the future. As you can see, both weekly comics, Batman Eternal #17 and Futures End: The New 52 #13 languish at the bottom of the stack, but both have improved since this week in July.

Without as many choices, I have ranked both Avengers books highly, even though neither are inspiring me lately as Hickman drags out his multiverse saga far too long and with far too many plot elements in the air. And as much as I love Aquaman, I have to agree with the reviews I have seen that Aquaman Annual #2 was a waste of money.

Though I soured on Guardians of the Galaxy, this book picked up at just the right time. Outcastis very good and deserves more attention later.

Justice League #32

This issue of Justice League ranged from a 10/10 from the Comic Booked site to a 6/10. Recently, issue of the Justice League hit near the top of my stack due to an appearance of the Metal Men, whom I love. Back in 2011, when Justice League debuted as part of the New 52, I was excited and the first issue hit the top of my stack (even though I was not doing these blogs yet). In part, this book rocketed to the top of my stack because Jim Lee had tackled art duties.

I have always liked the Justice League quite a lot, possibly even more than the Avengers or the X-Men. I have many fond memories of the Justice League, which were rekindled in recent years with the DC archive editions, of which I own a complete set for DC's premier super team.

Though some of my favorite Justice League characters -- Hawkman, the Atom, Martian Manhunter -- were not part of this Justice League, the title ranked high in my stack each month, at least as long as Jim Lee helmed the art duties.

I enjoyed the David Finch issue, but eventually the book started to droop in my stack each month. For instance Justice League #28 ranked tenth out of eighteen comics on comics for August 28, 2013 in my post on EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL on my T-shirt blog.

Almost three years after the release of the Justice Leagueas the flagship title of DC's New 52, issue #32 of Justice League delivers a brilliant twist that has revitalized my interest in the title and provides its ranking at number one for the week: Lex Luthor as a member of the Justice League.

In a follow up to Forever Evil, Lex Luthor has joined the Justice League. This issue serves to re-introduce the Doom Patrol, with new idea about old characters. Many fans cried foul at the depiction of Chief Caulder is angry and spiteful, but all in all reviews were positive for this issue.

Some fans disliked the darker colors on the Mahnke art work. Though I am not a huge Mahnke fan, I do not dislike his art and think the colors are appropriate for the moody story (see below).

I agree with the IGN reviewer that Mahnke's art provides a creepy feel with Elastigirl's perpetual smile and with the sinister foreshadowing as Superwoman sings to her unborn child from where she is held captive.

But bringing Luthor into the Justice League is just the right move to shake up this book and give it life, a plot device that's still paying dividends as I write this in December.

Of course, the issue's cover delivers the biggest reveal of all as we see that Lex Luthor has learned Batman's secret identity (yes, it's true), which is a story that has yet to fully pay out but promises to be quite satisfying.







Justice League #32
Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man #3
New Avengers #021
Avengers (Original Sin) #33
Aquaman Annual #2
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze #8
Hawkeye #019
Guardians of the Galaxy #017
Outcast #2
Uncanny X-Men (Original Sin) #24
Secret Avengers #006
Futures End: The New 52 #13
Batman Eternal #17
Red Sonja #0


Uncanny Avengers #022


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