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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Comics for 1404.23

Weekly Comics for 1404.23

Yesterday was the second birthday (as in two years old) of our beloved Boo Boo puppy, officially Satchel Paige Tower, the wonder beagle (actually beagle/springer). Here is a picture of her via Piper, my step-daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO BOO PUPPY SATCHEL HER BOONESS.

I am a little ashamed to be writing about comics from April 23rd on July 17th. Nearly three whole months is a long time to let this post simmer in draft form. And, obviously, if I have this one to do, I have one for each of the intervening weeks since 1404.23 or April 23.


My goal is to catch up on these weekly comics list and move forward with my other projects. Obviously. But it's a slow process.

What's slowed me down? Thanks for asking. Though I found the time to write 365 blog entries on T-shirts, one a day, I was also out of school for the majority of that time period. Taking classes in subjects that I like but do not come as easily to me as they may have when I was 16 years old, plus my determination for perfection in school work, especially math, ate most of my available free time. But I think I need to step away for a longer period of time from the daily writing regimen after the year of blogging. No, that's not true. Rather, with each day that went by that I did not write, the job writing grew more enormous until it was an unmovable mountain. And then the recriminations begin for not being able to move the mountain, which just makes the mountain bigger and the force trying to move it weaker.

Also, I am a bit of an overachiever. Instead of keeping my entries short, so they are easily finished, I would launch into extended reviews of half a dozen comics, which would slow the process to a halt.

Thus, I have renewed purpose. I am going to catch up on both blogs (as there are still unfinished T-shirt blog entries), and then move forward. And I am going to devote myself to some writing time every day, even if it's just fifteen minutes. I need to string words together. I need to re-energize my imagination, which has fallen into a fallow state, and now must be unearthed, almost like an archeological dig. So, there's excavation in process and more to uncover.

Meanwhile, Non-sequitur, I finally figured out how to apply vinyl lettering to my car's windows as seen in the above photograph.

I am also inspired by some other daily writings.

Warren Ellis has devoted himself to a daily post, a very short note, which he does at thing he calls MORNING, COMPUTER. And via Ellis, I found a very interesting writer named Dan Hon, writing about culture, mainly advertising, economy, and tech stuff in THINGS THAT HAVE CAUGHT MY ATTENTION. I recommend adding both your daily feed.

Oh, and though this may be more of a note for me than for you. Porpentine has a new zine with collaborator Brenda Neotenomie called TRASHGASM #2.

And those are some of the things that have caught my attention lately.

RE: SPOILERS: I don't have to explain that you read at your own risk, right?

I am not sure if my Weekly Comics Lists are interesting to anyone but me. Maybe other comic book readers. But I doubt anyone is waiting eagerly to see where I have ranked Aquaman this week, or in this case, where I ranked it in April. At the very least, it has been a fun exercise (which I have now been doing for over a year) to keep track of how I rank the comic books each week. These rankings are not strictly quality-based as often some of the best comics will be placed lower in the stack due to the time involved in reading them or the lack of urgency to dive into the story. Also, new crossover things like this week's Original Sin will often hit the top of the stack as I am curious about it. Though I am rather blasé these days about big crossovers and special event mini-series, I was captivated from the start by Original Sin. The idea of a murder mystery involving the Watcher is a great one. Art by Jim Cheung makes for an even better zero issue. Continued use of the new Nova is appreciated.

Creating a Justice League with some of my favorite DC characters, such as Martian Manhunter, Adam Strange, and Animal Man is going to get my attention. Having Jeff Lemire write it with art by Mike McKone is going to put it at the top of my list. This comic would have taken the first spot if not for Original Sin, which edged it only for the more unique premise.

I have probably made it clear enough between the T-shirt blog and this one that I am a huge fan of the FANTASTIC FOUR. Though dubious given James Robinson's recent lackluster work over at DC, the current Fantastic Four is always going to make the top five each week. This time it beats Aquaman, which often takes the top spot when it comes out given my affection for that character. Issue three was a transitional one from the previous sequence of the attack of other dimensional creatures caused by the a breakout from the Baxter Building to the next story arc featuring a battle with the new Frightful Four. Lots of character stuff in this issue and catch up Valeria and the Futures Foundation. Great issue.

There has been no drop off in quality in Aquaman since Jeff Parker took over. Though I was not as crazy about the re-envisioning of Hercules as other recent stories, the comic continues to deliver the best Aquaman material ever and is one of the best super-hero books in a more traditional vein being published at either of the big two companies.

Lazarus is a great comic book with top notch writing and beautiful art. Uber has also proven consistently excellent, though styled in Avatar method (lots of blood and gore and some extreme sex).

I was very tempted to rank The Walking Dead much higher this week. But all the issues that came before it, edged the zombie-apocalypse book by a hair. I felt that the "All Out War" saga with Negan played out too long. If read consecutively, probably not, and then two issues per week schedule helped, but this comic has always taken my top spot for the week and in recent months it had dropped from that station because I was not as engaged with the Negan story, which felt too long. Really, I should not make that criticism. If I were writing The Walking Dead, the story would have dragged on just as long or longer.

However, after last issue's cliffhanger, which I reviewed in WEEKLY COMICS FOR 1404.09, I was tempted to start my week with it. And yet, ultimately, despite knowing that Rick had cut Negan's throat in the last issue, I felt I could wait at least one day to read what happened next. I manage two-four comics a night on average. Sometimes, more but that's a good estimate of my average, which puts The Walking Dead up to be read at least one if not two days later. The comic is very good. I enjoyed the ensuing battle and the ending (seen above and left), but I was ready for the Negan saga to be over and to move on. Since I do not keep my finger on the pulse of the industry, I did not know that what comes next would jump the story ahead by years, which is an idea I dearly love.


Original Sin #0 (of 8)
Justice League United #0
Fantastic Four #003
Aquaman #30
Lazarus #8
The Walking Dead #126
Daredevil #002
All-New Invaders #004

Uncanny Avengers #019
Elektra #001
Uber #11
Guardians of the Galaxy #014
Batman/Superman #9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 10 - #2
The Flash #30
Batman Eternal #3
Sheltered #8
Secret Origins #1

Avengers Undercover #003
Superman #30
Teen Titans #30
Thunderbolts #025
Catwoman #30


This old Aquaman issue came up in my hunt for the recent issue #30. It is worth sharing.

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