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Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekly Comics for 1406.11

Weekly COMICS FOR 1406.11

Okay, some success is achieved if I am writing and cobbling together imagery here less than a week after my last belated post. I figure any posts at this point is progress.

It's snowing as I write this in November, which is a far cry from the weather on June 11th, which was probably warm and sunny.

Okay, onward to describe the comics from so many months ago with a few oblique and possibly obtuse comments. As you can see, I have been spending a lot of time in MATH WORLD, especially angles and triangles. Sigh.

RE: SPOILERS: I don't have to explain that you read at your own risk, right?

Despite the fact that the single most anticipated comic in this list was Infinity Man and the Forever People #1, it drops to third in the list because of The Walking Dead #128 and Hulk #004.

The Walking Dead #128 logs the second installment in the post-All Out War story arc, which jumped ahead in time to the Alexandria community well recovered from All Out War, with Negan in a makeshift prison cell. I reviewed the previous issue HERE. The comic takes the top spot because I was still curious as to how the story would all shake out. The last issue ended with Carl confiding in someone, who turns out to be the imprisoned Negan. Both this issue and the previous feature more down time from the constant action of the All Out War saga, but like the previous issue, this one also gives us some action with zombies. Granted it's still set up for what will play out in this story arc, but the tricky reveal at the end of the last issue made me start my week with this issue. Since then, The Walking Dead has dropped in the rankings as it had before, not because it's no good but because the story arc drag on too long and the reveals and cliff hangers are not coming steadily enough for me to rank it higher each week. Also, I don't want this title to be an automatic top of the stack each week because then I am not thinking about my anticipation and weighing all the factors.

I love Mark Bagley, and Mark Waid's writing has been better than ever, especially over on Daredevil. The last run was not nearly as good as this reboot because of the art. I wrote about the previous issue is some depth HERE, and here's a full review of issue #004 from COMIC BOOKED: HULK #004. (Warning - this COMIC BOOKED blog's review at the link is full of typos and poor writing!) The ramifications of Tony Stark putting Extremis in Hulk's head to heal the brain injury when Bruce Banner was shot in the skull are beginning to play out. I like where this title goes in the months ahead (since it's November when I am writing after all); this title will continue to hit the top of my stack. And here's some nifty art of Hulk using Captain America's shield like a pair of brass knuckles.

I am a sucker for Keith Giffen's work and for retro-re-imaginings of Jack Kirby's milestones. Though I was not the greatest fan of Kirby's DC work in the 1970s, and though this diminishes my nostalgia-love factor somewhat, I was and am a huge Kirby fan.

For proof see my JACK KIRBY category at my T-shirt blog, especially entry for CAPTAIN AMERICA -T-SHIRT #106.

Still, despite my anticipation, the ongoing stories in The Walking Dead and Hulk dropped Infinity Man and the Forever People #1 to number three in this week's stack.

The Fan-Kirby-tastic nature of the art and story was worth a high rank spot just based on my enjoyment, but this is not the best of the Kirby retro books thus far. The recent OMAC reboot was better. Still, I am enjoying this New Gods spin off as long as Giffen is doing the art.

The Mighty Avengers: Original Sin #11 takes fourth because of the very fun story about a group of "original" Avengers from the 1970s. Merging a sense of black exploitation films, especially Shaft with 1970s fashions and atmospheres, this clever story arc of Blade's first foray with a group of Avengers is a wonderful diversion from the traditional Avengers fare currently offered at Marvel. Hickman's multiverse saga is growing a bit tedious and ponderously heavy. But this saga is great to backfill some history of the retconned Blue Marvel character (a much better retcon than the Sentinel) and a means to introduce Luke Cage's dad along with some other characters, such as the Bear, a beautiful blonde woman who can turn into a bear and Kaluu, a mystic with a big coat. This issue could have easily hit the top of my stack for this week if it was a quicker read. The first two issues only win out because they are quick reads and Infinity Man wins due to anticipation factor. I loved this story arc!! And unlike comic pundits who write supposedly "learned" reviews (see link below), I have no problem with Greg Land's art, even when he's going for typical cheesecake girly fashion poses. I mean, isn't that why we fan boys LIKE these artists?



The rest of the comics for the week rank in various ways. While my patience for the original X-men in the current time line has been waning (as well as missing Stuart Immomen's art) causing All-New X-Men to fall in the rankings, a comic like Uber has been inching upwards, as I have been enjoying this book immensely. Though it's less apparent with this week's work, the comic comes in much higher in future months. I enjoyed Starlight quite a bit, as it has ended by the time I wrote this blog (remember it's five months later, November of 2014), and She-Hulk has also soared higher recently. Note how far New Avengers has dropped. There's a book I used to rank very highly, but a combination of the artist and the overloading of the mythology with what Hickman is currently exploring has all bu sapped my interest level completely. This feeling has not changed since June. Whereas I have really loved the retconning Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl, which is telling new stories that take place between the original Spider-Man numbers one and two. Much like the Untold Takes of Spider-Man book from the 1990s, this current re-visiting of Spider-Man's early years is clever and well told in both writing and art. This title will jump out of my back log in future months and will rank highly.


Comics for 1406.11

The Walking Dead #128
Hulk #004
Infinity Man and the Forever People #1
The Mighty Avengers: Original Sin #11
Justice League United #2
All-New X-Men #028
All-New Invaders: Original Sin #6
Uber #14
Starlight #4
Secret Avengers #004
New Avengers #019
She-Hulk #005
Captain Marvel #004

Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl #01.2
Avengers Undercover #005
Batgirl #32
Batman: Detective Comics #32
Superman/ Wonder Woman #9
World's Finest: Huntress and Power Girl #24
Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #4


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