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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Comics List for 1406.04

Comics for 1406.04

I am renewing a dedication to get caught up on these. Why am I not writing a little bit throughout the day as I work? I don't know, I answer myself.

I doubt this content is of interest to very many people. Possibly just me. So, I am not even going to send all these through to social media. I am just going to post more frequently, get caught up, and then be more visible and frequent in the bloggy world.

I feel this needs more text.

Just to justify having the graphic.

I had not seen this variant cover for the Original Sin series.

I like it.

But then what fan boy doesn't like Black Widow's leather outfit with the zipper down the front....


RE: SPOILERS: I don't have to explain that you read at your own risk, right?


Yes, it is true what you are thinking. Why is this important? I seem overly obsessed with the order in which I read my comic books each week. True enough.

But this order says something about the anticipation for each book, the correlation of time needed to read the book versus the enjoyment that will be derived, and the overall quality of the past issues that affect these decisions.

Additionally, certain favorite characters or teams, such as Aquaman and the Fantastic Four, always earn high places due to my affection for them. Alternatively, despite dear love for a character, such as the case with Iron Fist in the list below, if the comic is not good enough, then the love for the character alone will not be enough to rank the comic book highly.

And, then, I am a fan boy. Often big crossover events or a special cover (two characters kissing always gets me) will increase a book's ranking above issues of quality, character love, or the time/enjoyment equation.

So, given the "fan boy" element, Original Sin took the top spot this week. Since I am writing this entry about June comics in NOVEMBER. I have already finished reading this series. It's one of the better crossovers in recent years from Marvel. In part, this is due to the interesting concept of how the murder of the Watcher and the "explosion" from his eyes set off a chain of events in which we learn "secrets" of the pasts of many of the most popular marvel characters. The best of these is probably Tony Stark's original sin, in which we learn that he tampered with the Gamma Bomb the night before it exploded prematurely irradiating Bruce Banner in such a way that caused him to become the Hulk.

Also, the writing of Jason Aaron, who has distinguished himself lately with his run on Thor, one of Marvel's best comic books, and arguably one of Marvel's best artists: Mike Deodato. Art plays a huge part in how these books get ranked. Without Deodato's art, this one may not have made the top slot, even with this page (seen right) with Doctor Strange and the Punisher investigating bodies in another dimension.

I have shared art from Moon Knight above, and I have reviews elsewhere in the blog. Though this work is not as ground breaking as Ellis' run on Iron Man, it has been a much needed re-envisioning of a character I have always liked a lot (though not as much as local Fanfare manager Bill Artis). I was sad that Ellis' run ended at six issues, but I am also aware of the realities of his various projects and his work schedule. Fans should be happy that he tackles super hero comics at all from time to time,

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man and Green Arrow have continued to impress. In Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man, with the re-launch of a new "number one," Miles discovers that the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is still alive. With issue #2, we readers are not sure if this is actually Peter or his clone or an alien or who knows what. I have read past this point now (four or five issues past), and we now know that this is Peter. He did not die after his battle with the Green Goblin that ended the run of the first Ultimate Spider-Man series. Though it seemed gimmicky at first, I am hooked. Comic fans criticize Brian Bendis all the time, but I would argue that he is one of the very best comic book writers in the business. Later, in hind sight, he will surely be rated as one of the best writers of all time. He's that good.

Green Arrow has been consistently excellent and making the top of  my stack each month. Since June, DC has changed creative teams. It's still good, but it's more in line with the TV show. Lemire and Sorrentino's run is one of the best in the title's history, adding new and smart mythology to the character.

Rounding out this week's stack, there are the usual suspects that rate highly, such as Aquaman and the Others, Black Widow, and even Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, despite art that I am not crazy about. I am sucker for anything with Doc Savage, and this recent re-vitalization of the character and mythology has been quite good. I have also discussed my adoration for the Clone comic before. A review is in the offing, but first I have to catch up on these weekly posts before I can even contemplate reviews.

Comics for 1406.04

Original Sin #3 (of 8)
Moon Knight #004
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #002
Green Arrow #32
Aquaman and the Others #3
Black Widow #007
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #003
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze #6
Clone #17
The New 52: Future's End #5
Captain America #021
The New Warriors #005
Amazing X-Men #008
Great Pacific #15

Superman in Action Comics #32
Green Lantern #32
Iron Man #027
The Punisher #006
Avengers World #007
Earth Two #24



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