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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #417 - The Existential Fallacy

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #417 - The Existential Fallacy

Hi Mom,

Here we are again in the re-posted content world in which I take on the role of content provider, and basically say, "Hey, check out this nifty thing that I found on the Internet." It was really the picture that caught my eye.

But first a note on last night's dream. I am not writing this one up in the next dream post as I do not remember it very well. The image that has been haunting me all morning is you, Mom, standing. You are your post-meningitis self, though a bit more straight of spine and shoulders back than you really were. In the dream, you're standing really well, with both hands on a chair in front of you, palms down, balancing. Really a pose you could never hold after the meningitis. There was other content in the dream about me taking care of you and us watching Y&R together. I slide you around on a bed, boosting you up, and you laughed. Also, there was stuff with Dad and an old guy friend of his who was undefined in the dream. We were at some comic convention in which someone gave a talk about ghosts and Buddhist meditation and spirituality. Then, we had to leave and I had to change shoes, which was a very big deal and very time consuming in the dream. The large bathroom with its steps down into a center rotunda and step up to the left (120 degrees) to urinals and step right (60 degrees) to stalls made an appearance again. It's a very Victorian/Early Twentieth Century space with attendants. Lots of people at the comic con coming out of its double doors (entrance and exit).

I take this as a sign to write again about Y&R, which I will do tomorrow, but first this re-published stuff.

Some thoughts on the EXISTENTIAL FALLACY post: There's not much actual content here  in the actual post that I am sharing. The post really leads you to a podcast. And there's advertising. But I like the sponsors. Socks, a mattress company, and Great Courses. The SOCKS COMPANY is very cool.

Also, there are cool people who speak in this podcast and the post below describes those people.

The first topic of the podcast is vampires. The speaker uses vampires to demonstrate the existential logical fallacy.

It's worth a listen.

Buy the socks.

Hypothetical situations involving dragons, robots, spaceships, and vampires have all been used to prove and disprove arguments.

Statements about things that do not exist can still be true, and can be useful thinking tools for exploring philosophical, logical, sociological, and scientific concepts.

The problem is that sometimes those same arguments accidentally require those fictional concepts to be real in order to support their conclusions, and that’s when you commit the existential fallacy.

In this episode we explore the most logical logical fallacy of them all, the existential fallacy.

No need to get out your pens and paper, we will do that for you, as we make sense of one the most break-breaking thinking mistakes we’ve ever discovered.

This episode of the You Are Not So Smart Podcast is the tenth in a full season of episodes exploring logical fallacies. The first episode is here.

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BobBob Blaskiewicz is an assistant professor who teaches, among other subjects, critical thinking at Stockton University. He also writes about logic and reasoning at skepticalhumanities.com, and is a regular guest on the YouTube show The Virtual Skeptics.
Julie Galef is the president and co-founder of the Center for Applied Rationality, a non-profit devoted to training people to be better at reasoning and decision-making. She is also the host of the Rationally Speaking Podcast and writes for publications like Slate, Science, Scientific American, andPopular Science. This is her website.
Vanessa Hill is an Australian science writer and stop-motion animator who hosts BrainCraft, a PBS series exploring psychology, neuroscience and human behavior. She previously worked for Australia’s national science agency, as a science reporter for ScienceAlert, and has appeared in TIME,TheHuffington PostScientific American, and Brain Pickings. Her Twitter page ishere.
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Image Source – Paul K, CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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