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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #447 - The Veil - new Peter Gabriel - Musical Monday 1609.26

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #447 - The Veil - new Peter Gabriel - Musical Monday 1609.26

Hi Mom,

Still in catch up mode. But is it necessary to share more than one video a day in the Musical Monday.

This is the new Peter Gabriel video for the Oliver Stone film Snowden. Liesel and I enjoyed the documentary CitizenFour last year, and so a fictional version may be an excellent treat.

The film was released September 16th, 2016.

For those who have been living in a catacomb with no contact with the outside world, and for you, Mom, because I know you don't know follow this link:


Published on Sep 14, 2016

"The Veil" by Peter Gabriel features in, and was written especially for, the Oliver Stone movie SNOWDEN.

The song is out now on all digital download and streaming services


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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