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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #716 - Memorial Day 1972 - Throwback Thursday - conversations #11

Me, Dad, and Lori - Memorial Day 1972
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #716 - Throwback Thursday - conversations #11

Hi Mom,

In review of past photo posts for Throwback Thursdays, which I am trying to maintain as a regular feature, I reminded myself that for several weeks at the end of last summer I did a "Talking Again" series of conversations on these days. I even, wisely, made a conversations category item. This seems like a good thing to continue, but I renamed it "conversations." After all, the idea of continuing conversations with you, sort of an online journal, was the original purpose of the blog, and as far as I am concerned, it is still the central theme of the blog.

Ellory via Piper 1705.14
So, here I am, talking again. Yup.

So, last time I did one of these -- Hey Mom #450 -- I divided the content by topic and labeled the topics. This time I want more of a stream of consciousness feel, which is often the mode I employ on this blog.

Okay, pausing now to take the dogs to Camp Fido, though no time will pass for you, dear reader, unless you take a break here, too. :-)

So, I like this picture. Well, yes, this one to the left of Ellory, but also the one up top of me and Dad and Lori on Memorial Day in 1972. That's the Richland cemetery. I like that Lori has my hat on backwards, and I am saluting for the picture. Hey, come on, I'm 10 years old.

Refused!! So, Ellory is not feeling well. She may have a case of "Kennel Cough," also known as Bordetella, a strain that may not be covered by the vaccine.

She's not coughing even frequently. Very isolated incidents of coughing. But she did have an episode at three in the morning. It was like she was trying to puke up something but most of the time gets nothing out. Some spit up in each episode. She's also had diarrhea lately, and has pooped and peed in the house, so I was worried that she was having a reaction to her new food, which she has been eating for over a week and seems to enjoy.

Anyway, Ellory now has a vet appointment, and Liesel is taking the afternoon off to meet me.

Here's a photo Piper took over Ellory back in May.

1785 Blacktail Lane, Woodland, WA
I am trying to clean out my SENSE OF DOUBT folder by using images and then archiving them. I should do an all images post. I have 682 items in the folder, including the sub-folders. That's a lot of items.

So, did I mention we are moving?

I am not sure if I have made the official announcement on our blog that we're moving. I know Liesel has announced it on Facebook, and we have been telling people in person. I know I have alluded to the move here in the blog as that's what is taking up a lot of my time, plus finishing the 2016 taxes for which I took an extension.

So, right now, I am post-shower, cooling off before my fans here in my office, and taking a break from work to talk with you, Mom. I am also just letting the stream of consciousness thing happen, like, for instance, I just thought of something I need to put on the grocery list.

Okay, so what am I doing?

I guess there's no reason that I cannot add photos here as I write, right? :-) Here's a photo of our new house.

So, yeah. there's a lot to do to get ready to move. So, getting our current home ready to sell. Then, packing. I have a special challenge in that I must store many things at my Dad's that I am either selling off, getting rid of, or may bring out later when I understand how much room I have. This house is MUCH smaller than our current home in that it has NO BASEMENT. I really hate that it has no basement. I like a poured foundation basement. So, I am making big concessions to buy this home as it breaks two RULES OF CHRIS: [1] requiring a poured foundation basement; [2] avoiding living in a flood plain. The latter thing, the flood plain thing, is all right, as LGI Homes will secure a waiver from FEMA so that we are not required to have flood insurance.

So, the house is about 26 minutes, according to Google, from downtown Vancouver, or 22.3 miles, and we will be 47 minutes from Portland or 31.1 miles. Google time estimates, I believe, take into account current traffic conditions, so that time I am seeing if is the current time from place to place.

Liesel's door-to-door time to work, according to Google, right now, is 25 minutes and 21.8 miles.

So that's it for today because it's now the next day.

I have to give Ellory her medicine.

More streamy on the fly and loose flow of thoughts next Thursday.

Mom - Mother's Day - 1976

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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