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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #120 - I voted

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #120 - I voted

Hi Mom,

Quick phone call to you today, Mom. I am buried with a difficult java program that is due Thursday and that I did not start until yesterday. I am also behind my pace in Pre-Calculus.

But I made time to vote, and all the votes I made culminated in the results I wanted: commissioners elected, mayor elected, tax money appropriated for low income housing development. Suck it to people who can't spend an extra $10 a year to help homeless people. Next time I see a sign that professes "no higher taxes," I am taking it and setting it on fire in the person's driveway.

Oh wait... that goes against the peaceful post I made yesterday.

Never mind.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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