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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #144 - Days Alone

Satchel in morning nap mode
1511.28 - today
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #144 - Days Alone

Hi Mom,

Here is today's picture of the puppy. It's darkish but that's intentional. I think it's quite sweet. It's dark now for a long time in the morning and early at night. It's dark now as I type. The days are growing shorter. I am watching David Bowie's new video after having just watched M.I.A.'s new video.

I am having a day home alone, if being alone includes a puppy, a cat, and six chickens.

Days alone are important. I love people. I love my wife, my kids, my parents, my sister, friends, but if I do not have enough alone time each week, I start to go a bit bonkers. In fact, the bloggery that this blog represents was invented during my special alone time when I lived with my parents during you hair appointments, Mom, which were one outing that for sure took you out of the house each week if possible. I especially liked sitting in the great room of the Richland Woods house during the holidays as the sun died so early, as it does at this time of year, with the soft glow of the Christmas village and Christmas tree lights that would slowly take over illumination of the room that daylight abandoned. And in that gloaming, I would write, and that's when and where I started this blog in 2007 with this ENTRY about the INVISIBLE WOMAN, even though I wrote it in May and not in that holiday decoration time from November-December.

I wrote 11 blog entries between that auspicious beginning on May 4, 2007 (0705.04) and January 9th, 2009 (the day before my first date with Liesel - 0901.09) because mostly, during those Friday times, I would try to write fiction that has not been posted or published. Alone time was sacred to me, and I was steadfast in guarding it and using it as best I could.

Alone time has continued to be important since getting married. Do not misunderstand, dear reader -- and I know you know this, Mom -- I love being with my wife, she's great, but I just need time to myself. I need the quiet. I need to decompress. AND I need to stop working. I have been suffering some misery lately as I work through alone time, either doing work work or home work. But knowing that tomorrow I am having some friends over to play D-and-D (Pathfinder, really, but fewer know what that is), I knew I needed some quality time lounging, reading comics, and watching football today. I even took a short nap. I am rejuvenated. But I would be mired in misery if I did not just cease work operations and forced myself to go lie down and relax for a bit.

Alone time.

It is a precious commodity, and so, I am going to go use more of it for home work and work work.

Then again, I never feel totally alone any more because I am married and have a family. But also, I feel you, Mom. You're here. You're sitting right here in this room, and you're smiling.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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