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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #139 - Bloggy Recap #9

the Eye of Horus
from the King Tut exhibit

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #139 - Bloggy Recap #9

Hi Mom,

I have been busy with work and homework, but I felt it was time to do a bit of reflection, Mom, which maybe I will drag into a two or three parter just to ease my posting obligations.

I named this "Bloggy Recap #9" because it's like "Revolution 9" by the Beatles, kind of a catch-all, a collage, an alternative.

But also short because I am hammered with work and studies.

Work and studies lead me to my main point.  The blog work here has gotten away from me a bit. My theme is no theme, really, because after all, this was only meant to continue my daily phone calls with you, Mom. But some days, I do not have the time to write properly what I would like to express. And some days I post an "under construction" entry (as this was until I finished it) or I post nothing and then back date the work, which I am very grateful that Blogger allows me to do.

Entries that form a series like the recent "Seven Songs in Seven Days" group make a nice set and allow for easy content. I started with Scotland posts, and I need to make that an easy go to subject when I am pressed for time. A picture and a short note is all that's needed for a nice, little Scotland entry. I had made notes for other regular features, but I struggle to make them rotate regularly, just like I could not post Seven Songs in seven CONSECUTIVE days.

Still, I am somewhat impressed with how varied I am with my content given that I am often thinking up something to feature on the fly and posting in haste, in the future, or incompletely. Partly, I did not want to get into a regular pattern because I do not want to lose that element of improvisation that is very much how my phone calls were with you, Mom. I only decided what to say after I called.

I did make a list of types of entries to feature, and I do want to return to that work on subjects like your Memorial Service and the last years of your life, Mom. One of the strengths of my T-shirt blog project is that I was often able to work ahead and develop an entry over many days or weeks until I was ready to post it. I have tried to follow suit here, but I fall behind. I do not want the average entry length on this blog to approach the huge treatises I composed for T-shirts, but I do like the idea of getting ahead better and noodling away on entries in between work on other projects. I am trying to be better at task switching, which is not always possible when I have limited time and will be leaving the house, meaning I have to make the most of every minute to get done what needs to be done.

But I do promise better content. Some posts will be short. Some posts will feature mainly a photo and very little text. And some posts will be longer and more substantial. In fact, I may re-post (with revisions, edits, abbreviations, and modifications) content from the T-Shirts blog that I liked or that connects to something in the now.

These are my current thoughts on content, Mom. But content will not stray completely from you and things you would want to hear about since I know you're with me, you're listening.

I leave you now with the Eye of Horus. It's about math. I have a test Tuesday.

Picture shows the EYE OF HORUS from the King Tut exhibit.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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