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Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #209 - I Biked to Class Today & Assorted

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #209 - I Biked to Class Today & Assorted

Hi Mom,

So, at the time I snapped this photo (above), my bike was the only one chained up, but when I came out of the class room building, there was a second bike, and when I rode to Sangren, there were MANY bikes, but I suspect that several of these bikes belong to people who have left them chained in place for weeks or months and may not represent today's actual riders.

I am very out of shape. This two mile ride (one mile each way) really took it out of me.

It's currently 40 degrees and partially sunny outside. The snow and ice have almost melted, except for the largest snow piles. Temperatures approached 50 degrees yesterday. Cold weather will return later this week with lows in the 20s at night, but the winter is relatively mild so far. I am not sure this is the right thing for people as they think Spring is here and it's just he first day of February.

This is not going to be super exciting stuff. This entry will not feature thoughtful insights on gender, slash fiction, or OCD. But it is very much like our actual conversations, Mom.

Yes, this is cleaned up, Dammit!
there was another two rows of boxes and stacks of comics
IN FRONT of the book shelf
I didn't have an entry planned today, and I have some time before class to write, and so I thought I would work on an entry that mirrors most of our actual conversations.

Prepare for a series of random statements that are about what's been happening, what I have been eating (among your favorite subjects), how I am, what I am doing, what I am going to do, and stuff like that. I may even add some pictures.

For instance, I had something in mind for yesterday's entry as it fit well with obsessing, but I forgot to add it. Seems wise to add it here.

Comics going to the basement
I sorted and cleared away comics that had piled up in the bedroom. I did not take a before picture to go with these after pictures, so the impact is lost on everyone who did not see the bed room before.

I have been slamming through work. I had to stop yesterday as I had worked too much. I am still trying to figure out how to organize my week for maximum productivity.

Saturday night I was so exhausted I was asleep before 9 p.m. This may happen again tonight, though I am not quite as exhausted.

Liesel and I went to breakfast yesterday (Sunday) at Cosmos. I had a farmer's scramble with tomato and onion and mozzarella cheese as well as cinnamon and raisin toast.

I played D&D yesterday (Pathfinder actually but most people do not know the difference) with some friends and we had homemade pizzas by my friend Randall who may open his own pizza business. Really good stuff.

Liesel and I went to Food Dance for dinner Friday night and had the special dinner for Restaurant week. First up was a cocktail flight, which included small portions of sangria, a garden shrub cocktail with beets and gin, an old fashioned, and a ginger beer to cleanse the palate in between drinks. Then we supped on bruschetta, an endive salad (with a drizzle of vinaigrette so light that we did not notice it at all), and a salmon with a dill creme sauce. Very delicious food.

Though I am not reading The Disappearing Floor, it is my all time favorite Hardy Boys book.

I tried to get Liesel hooked on Lost, so far it's uncertain as to whether I succeeded.

Dad and I are going to a production of Streetcar Named Desire Friday night as I have to review it.

I am reading The Girl With All the Gifts  by Mike Carey as my audio book, and Personal by Lee Child for nightly traditional reading, a book I borrowed from Dad. I read comic books, too, so "nightly" reading of an actual book is not accurate. For instance, last night I read Warren Ellis' weekly newsletter, one comic book (current issue of Daredevil), and one chapter of Personal as well as a few web sites about binary trees in Java but only briefly with that content.

This is where I stopped when I had to go to class.

Dinner was waiting for me: reuben sandwiches, pasta in tomato sauce, cucumber salad. I am very privileged. I was just telling my students that my wife is awesome because she is.

I did the first part of the gender spiel today: sexual identity, LBGT, the book Sex on the Brain.

I have to get back to work.

I will leave you with a comic. More tomorrow, Mom.

And from XKCD


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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