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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #225 - Pistons trade Jennings and Ilyasova for Tobias Harris

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #225 - Pistons trade Jennings and Ilyasova for Tobias Harris

Hi Mom, So I had another blog entry planned for today. I have resisted planning too far ahead with blog entries because I want to be able to react to whatever happens day-to-day, much like our conversations. But I avoided being a week behind like I was last week when I did the year of T-shirts blogging by planning entries ahead and yet being open to changing my mind if something came up. More comes up with HEY MOM as I am open to writing about whatever I want rather than relating it somehow to a T-shirt. Though if you look, I still wrote about whatever I wanted in T-shirts even when the content did not directly relate to the shirt.

So... here's an unplanned entry and here's how it came about.

I want in to Fanfare today (the timing on this is inaccurate as I am writing this Thursday morning but referring to today as the day this posts, which is Wednesday, BUT I am using a time stamp for this post that occurred BEFORE I went in to Fanfare, though technically, see note at end, the actual 10:10 time of the post is 1:10 our time as Blogger runs on Pacific Time).

Anyway, so going with the time dilation, I went in to Fanfare today and my good friend Andrew Boehme made my day by telling me about this FANTASTIC Detroit Pistons trade that had actually happened on Tuesday the 16th, though I had missed it.

This is a GREAT trade for the Pistons. I have had my eye on Tobias Harris for some time. I made him a keeper in a fantasy league this year because I felt he was due to a breakout year, but his talents were squandered in Orlando for some reason. Though he won't be the number one or even the number two scoring option in Detroit, he may score more than he did in Orlando plus he can defend.

The links below describe this trade and its benefits for the Pistons better than I can on my own, and why I re-iterate beyond saying that Harris is a nice fit. He's young, scores, shoots the three, defends, and fills the four slot better than what the Pistons had. Plus, the Pistons shed Jennings' contract to free space to sign free agents in the off season: rumors of Al Horford?

At the very least, my blog can serve as a repository for some key links. At least it's a source for me to find the links and read them at my leisure. I especially like the BAD BOYS article.

And while I am on the subject, since I know how much you loved him, Mom, the Pistons just retired Chauncey's number last week. He was a great player, and he promised to be a Piston for life.

I hope that someday I am writing the same thing about Harris and Drummond and Reggie Jackson and KCP and Morris after they win several championships.


ESPN:  Pistons trade Jennings and Ilyasova for Tobias Harris

ABC: Trade Grades: Will Tobias Harris boost Detroit into the playoffs?


PISTON POWERED: The Pistons get graded by Zach Lowe for Tobias Harris trade

DETROIT BAD BOYS: Tobias Harris trade a big win for Pistons

ESPN: Tobias Harris is worth Detroit's time


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.

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