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Friday, February 26, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #234 - His Day; My Day - Crieff - photos

Commissioner Street, west

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #234 - His Day; My Day - Crieff - photos

Hi Mom,

Here's Warren Ellis' typical day. I don't have a typical day. But Today was better than the last few. I took Satchel to camp at 8 a.m. I finished my program, did some work, went to Calculus and failed a quiz, went to Fanfare, dropped my old back pack off to be repaired, went to the credit union to try to figure out where $300 went, bought soy milk, picked up Satchel, went to dinner with Liesel at Bell's, logged my comics, went to bed where I read some things on my tablet and two comics before losing consciousness.

I paste (with credit to the source) Warren Ellis' own day, and then I share a bunch of pictures of Crieff. I did promise some Scotland this week.

Crieff is special. You know, Mom. Your Angus clan relations are from there. I was there with you in 1986. I was back again with my wife almost 30 years later: full circle.

I think I would like a day more like Ellis'.


Mission Control, out here on the Thames Delta. Struggling to get out of bed before noon. Laying there half-alive and checking the overnight app messages amd perhaps the top of Instagram. Downstairs, fighting my way into winter clothes, launching the first of three or four espressos, consumed at my seat and table under a roof in the back garden, with a couple of cigarettes.  Processing the overnight email, listening to the morning’s news podcasts, skimming the Guardian and BBC headlines and whatever breaking news alerts fired while I was asleep.  If it’s warm, I’ll try and write a morning.computer entry. An hour or so later, I’m in the office with a bottle of water, answering the emails that I triaged over coffee, and then firing up Feedbin and TweetDeck, listening to either something soothing or something fast, depending on whether the coffee has worked or not. If there’s nothing in the newsfeeds worth decanting into my private newsletter, then this is when I try to take a walk — possibly into town for a smoothie or a burger and a cocktail, if it’s clearly shaping up to be that kind of day. Otherwise, I’ll wrap a news burst for my favoured entities and bots and listen to some more music first. Work starts after the walk, accompanied by a smoothie. I pre-prep leaves and fruits and put them into ziplock bags that then go in the freezer. Empty pack into blender, add water and disintegrate.  Three or four hours of work takes me to dinner. If I were a real writer, that would be the end of my day.  But no.  Work recommences after food and continues to 2am, at which point I retire to bed with the Kindle Paperwhite and read for an hour – either a book or documents I’ve sent to my Kindle during the day. Rinse and repeat until you have some terrible neurological event that hospitalises you and leaves you with mysterious, frightening neurological and physical deficits that science cannot explain.

Okay, I know this is more than one photo. This is seven photos, but I have been good in following the one photo thing, and now I want multiple photos.

These photos are from our first day in Crieff during our Scotland trip. They were all taken May 24th or 1505.24.

The Kilt and Kelt photo next to a picture of our wine is misleading. The Kilt and Kelt was closed, as in out of business. We ate on the High Street at some Italian place. The views of the road are all from the intersection one block from our hotel, the intersection of King Street and Commissioner Street as seen in the map below.

I will caption the photos. But this one directly left is Liesel as I look down King Street. Commissioner Street runs off left and right. Just below the blue store front is the Victoria House where we stayed three nights.

The Victoria House Bed & Breakfast, Crieff 81 King Street, Crieff, Scotland, PH7 3HB United Kingdom

Very lovely place.

This is Liesel's common look through out Scotland: jeans, coat, boots, pack. She's a great traveler and a great companion.

wider view of photo above looking south on King Street

Up King Street, North

Commissioner Street, east

It looks cool but it was out of business

ah... wine and water, water and wine

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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