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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #457 - Vote your future

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #457 - VOTE YOUR FUTURE

Hi Mom, I am interrupting the usual schedule of sharing another Talking Again post by sharing another political post as those seem to be popular.

Hold the phone... this one is linky.

This post mainly shares two videos urging people to vote: one by the cast of Empire and the other by a bunch of Hollywood stars.

These are good videos.

There's a push now to register to vote before it's too late. I n Michigan, the deadline is October 11th to register to vote.


Google search - "am i registered" and your state for other states.

I am a still fan of the idea that "every vote counts." I tend to be a positive person. I don't like the idea that the popular vote has no sway on the election and that the electoral college selects the president in an arcane system that no longer functions as it should.

Really, we should do THIS to ensure that all votes count, which will abolish the Electoral College. Traditionalists who want us to do things as we have always done them need to get a life.

And yet, some wish to argue that your vote does not count because one vote cannot change an election. meh. AND did we learn nothing in 2000 in which the Supreme Court chose the president (Bush over Gore) because of hanging chads? And the decision was 5-4, hardly a landslide in the court as in the populace. Some don't want to say that Gore would have won without the Electoral College. My vote is that hew would have.

I like saying that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Maybe one vote does not decide the election (whomever wrote that in the previous link is a reactionary and argumentative idiot) and yet each vote in the right direction is a vote in the right direction.

But then, I am a generally positive person. I like using the word democracy to define America as we are a "representative democracy," though not a "direct democracy." But we're more than a republic as explained well HERE, and these words have been debated, such as by Hamiltion,. Madison, Jay et al in the Federalist Papers. John Adams coined the term "representative democracy," and this definition seems to fit best. But some people like to argue and say JUST REPUBLIC and not a democracy and others want multiple definitions for the complexity.

And in my darker times, I am frustrated and feel that the whole thing is a show of shadows and mirrors because really the power is in the 1%, the corporations and lobbies, the special interests, the MONEY.

But that's pessimistic. Right now, it's better to focus on the positive, whether it's an illusion or not.

I am going to vote, and I am voting for Hillary Clinton because that hateful bigot cannot become president. He's dangerous. Let's prove the system that they taught us in school actually works.


'Empire' Cast Endorses Hillary Clinton for President in New Video: Watch

Michael Lavine/FOX
Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Trai Byers, Bryshere Gray and Jussie Smollett of 'EMPIRE'

The cast and creators of Empire are putting their support behind Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election, voicing their endorsements in a new video. 
The show's stars Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Gray, Trai Byers, Grace Byers, Gabourey Sidibe, Tasha Smith and show creator Lee Daniels star in the minute-long video, running through their reasons for endorsing the Democratic candidate. 
"What will I tell my son? What will you tell your daughter? What will we tell the future generation?" asks Henson before Gray goes on to list the names of unarmed black men and women killed brutally and unnecessarily. The cast go on to promote Clinton's stance on racial equality, women's rights, gun control, healthcare and more, saying she is the woman to lead our country forward. 
Watch the clip here:

Survey: Hillary Clinton has a 4-to-1 lead over Donald Trump among one key voting bloc

Louise Liu

(Hillary Clinton laughs onstage at a rally in North Carolina.REUTERS/Brian Snyder) Hillary Clinton dominates among Asian-American voters — holding a 4-to-1 lead among registered voters over Donald Trump, according to the 2016 National Asian American Survey.
The poll, released Wednesday, shows 55% of registered Asian-American voters who were surveyed said they intend to vote for Clinton, the Democratic nominee, in November's presidential election.
Fourteen percent of those surveyed said they would choose Trump, her Republican rival.
According to the survey, Clinton's support from Asian American registered voters was strongest among people aged 18 to 34.
“All of the anti-immigrant rhetoric and harsh tone and language is a turnoff to voters,” Karthick Ramakrishnan, associate dean of the University of California, Riverside School of Public Policy, and the survey's director, told the Los Angeles Times.
The survey also revealed that Asian Americans are more than twice as likely to identify as Democrats than as Republicans — 41 percent to 16 percent — while the figure was 38 percent and 20 percent in 2012; 36 percent and 19 percent in 2008.
Ramakrishnan said Trump is "likely a significant reason" for more Asian Americans shifting to the Democratic party, and added that "Trump's unfavorables are like nothing we've seen before," according to NBC News.
President Barack Obama, however, beats both candidates among Asian Americans, based on numbers from the 2012 election. He won the support of 73 percent of the voting bloc that year.

This was a thing. Is this still a thing?


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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