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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Daily Bowie #63 - "Breaking Glass"

The Daily Bowie #63 - "Breaking Glass"

Still grieving Prince, Bowie, my Mom... it's too many deaths.

So, I am breaking glass in your room again.

Lately, I've been, breaking glass in your room again
Listen, don't look at the carpet, I drew something awful on it
See, you're such a wonderful person
But you got problems oh-oh-oh-oh
I'll never touch you


LOW - 1977

STAGE  - 1978

The lines "Don't look at the carpet; I drew something awful on it" refer to Bowie's practice of drawing the Tree of Life on the floor during that period, as he was interested in Aleister Crowley and Qabbala at the time.


FROM PUSHING AHEAD OF THE DAME: "In concerts, compelled to make “Glass” more substantial, Bowie repeated verses and made a dramatic close-out, with everyone chanting “I’ll never touch you” over drum fills. A piece of chamber music, it sometimes struggled on stage, notably when Bowie opened a victory-lap Milton Keynes Bowl concert in 1983 with it. Here the performance seems to be a desperate attempt to prevent the song from dissipating in the summer air. A horn section and ceaseless guitar wailing do what they can to distract, Bowie sings his lines with cool assurance, but something’s off-putting about the performance: it’s like a homicidal diary entry being read on a Jumbotron screen."

"Breaking Glass" - LOW - 1977 - and STAGE - 1978


Rest in peace, David. We miss you.

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NOTE ON WHY THE DAILY BOWIE IS NO LONGER DAILY: For 53 days, I completed daily Bowie posts. My schedule is too demanding to make a post every day, so this will now be a feature that is called The Daily Bowie, but it will not be daily. I will post as I can. I will post often. But if I miss a day, I will skip it. Otherwise, I get in the position of making five Bowie posts all in one day, and that's a lot of Bowie for people to swallow all at once... (yeah, leaving that badly phrased, innuendo packed statement. I bet Bowie would have laughed at it).
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