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Friday, July 29, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #388 - Summer Vacation - Sean Bonner, another newsletter

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #388 - Summer Vacation - Sean Bonner, another newsletter

Hi Mom, Here we are again in a mode in which I share other people's content to get a quick post and also save stuff I want to read later in a place I can easily find it. I also like sharing with you, Mom, and clicking all these links is fun, right?

Here's a newsletter I subscribed to recently by a guy named Sean Bonner.

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I have shared stuff from Sean before, but I liked this one especially as it had a summer vacation theme, and I have felt like I am on vacation all summer so far!

Hi Crowd!

I’m about to go on vacation which is a thing I never did but now realize the importance of whole heartedly. I’m debating if I should bring my laptop or not on the trip because while I can do a good 80% of whatever I need to on my ipad should I need to do things, one of the things I like doing on vacation is writing and I’m still most comfortable typing out my thoughts. I could use that as the excuse to just bring a pen and notebook and force myself to use that but I’m worried I just won’t do it then or that ideas will not flow the way they do when I’m typing. But I’m also into the idea of not having a computer to lug around Europe with me. I don’t leave for 24 hours or so so that’s plenty of time to keep debating the issue with myself. Also, I don't think I can send this newsletter from my ipad.

This morning I realized that when I go to Tumblr I see funny and cute stuff most of the time, and when I go to twitter I see things that make me angry or depressed. I know that is entirely fault because of who I choose to follow on each platform but it’s something I hadn’t noticed before, and now I do. I’m going to try an experiment of not posting negative stuff on twitter just to see how that plays out. And I’ll clarify that by saying that yes, I know sometime it makes me (and others) happy to post negative stuff so I draw a distinction between things that a negative but serve as a release and you feel better afterwards and things that are negative and make you think “fuck, this all sucks” and you feel worse after. But honestly just thinking about it is probably a good step and one I wasn’t thinking about before. Forcing myself to take half a second and consider things is maybe something we should all do a little more often.

If you backed my kickstarter for The New Oklahoma project you should have gotten your pdf of the book already. Printed ones are shipping in a week or two or three or four or something. I’ll plug that here when they are as well as a link for people to buy extra copies.

Holy crap, the CDC are antivaxxers?!! Just kidding, contrary to popular belief constantly checking and reassessing vaccines isn’t anti-science but the actual definition of science. And turns out the FluMist vaccine doesn’t work. Speaking of scientific solutions to everyday problems, maybe the idea of gender should be abolished across the board.

I’ve been enjoying snapchat a lot recently though I have to say the nudity is about 1% what was promised. Or maybe all my friends are just boring. Did you know you can make your own snapchat geo-filters? If you want to see some nudity though you can just buy these wifi security cameras, set them up, then take them back to the store and wait for someone else to buy the and set them up. You know what else is public even though you thought it was private? Your Facebook account. Speaking of Facebook, if you need a gun right now no questions asked turns out that’s your best bet. A lot of people are using Signal these days to make sure their conversations are private and here’s some tips you can use to confirm that.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this myself yet but you can stream the new Julie Ruin on NPR right now. I really enjoyed their first record so I’m looking forward to this one. Speaking of things we haven’t seen yet, here’s a leaked document for undercover officers in the UK, and we now know just how easy it is for the FBI to spy on journalists. You know what else cops are good at? Losing their guns, apparently. But they will all be replaced by drones soon enough.

This French Bulldog is in love with a Koi. Speaking of love and being replaced by machines we only have to wait a few more years until we can have tons of sex with robots - way more than we have with other people. Which I’m happy about because then no one will ever feel the need to ask “how do people have sex in tiny houses?” again. But seriously, this is just one more piece of the “turn the world into blade runner” plan.

The UN is finally talking about how horrible solitary confinement is, and also that eating meat ruins everything. I don’t drink so I don’t feel conned by this article talking about how wine tasting is bullshit - but you might.

It’s not everyday that tons of multi-million year old caves are discovered, but when it is that day it’s awesome.

If you are in NC, you might want to avoid the water parks.

What are you doing for the summer?

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