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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #781 - THE BEST DOGS EVER - Trip West Day Six

sleeping in the car - 1708.21
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #781 - THE BEST DOGS EVER - Trip West Day Six

Ellory in the car 1708.22
Hi Mom,

This penultimate post on the day before we arrive in our new home is dedicated to my dogs, our dogs (Liesel's and mine), Satchel Paige Tower and Ellory Queen Tower, the two best dogs on the planet earth.

I cannot imagine how this trip would have transpired if these two girls had not been on their best behavior and have been such wonderful traveling companions

As an example, since Ellory is not fully house broken, I have put down a puppy pad in every hotel room on this journey. In the last of the hotel rooms (Pasco, WA where we arrived on Saturday August 26), and the nicest of the hotel rooms, she used it for the first time!

Speaking of which, Ellory just went to the door indicating she needed to go out and go potty, which they both did within minutes of being taken out.

They have been wonderful companions. They jump right in the car, often off-leash, when it's time to go. They wait to get their leashes on when we get somewhere. Generally, except for a couple of times when Ellory scouts, they stay in their back seat nest of comforters and pillows and toys. For the most part, they go potty when it's time and make the most of their jaunts, rest stops, and short walks. They play a little with each other and sleep well through the night. Neither of them has destroyed any hotel furniture or bedding. In short, they have been angels.

Satchel in car 1708.23
Though Satchel is nervous, worried, and does not understand what we're doing, she's all right and often happy and content with plenty of sleep, belly scratches, and love from her two human travelling companions.

In other news, as this has to be a short blog entry so I can do some work before heading for home, we had a good day of driving today but we have some "sidetracks" as Dad likes to call them.

First off, we missed the southern turn of where route 28 meets route 200 at Plains, MT where we were to turn toward Paradise, MT and ultimately St. Regis to pick up I-90. Instead we headed north and did not discover our mistake until we were in Thompson Falls and saw a sign for Noxon. With limited maps and unreliable phone service to see Google Maps, we just took a southern road assuming that eventually it would link up with I-90. It was Montana Secondary Highway 471, which heads through Thompson Pass, a mountain road. It was 21 miles of gorgeous landscape but also steep declines, sharp curves, and ultimately narrow roads. Eventually, the road runs along Prichard Creek and turns in Thompson Pass Road meeting up with the Coeur d'Alene River and its road in Prichard before heading through part of the Coeur d'Alene National Forest and reaching I-90 just pass Enaville, ID.

Lastly, we reached our destination in Ritzville, WA where we were to stay at the Top Hat Motel relatively early. Though the place has character and some neat features, the room was subpar, dark, and smelled funny, but the deciding factor was unusuable WiFi. After days of terrible Internet in hotels, I needed something high speed and reliable for a final push of work before reaching my new home.

We packed up and headed to Pasco, WA and a gorgeous Best Western with great Internet and a huge, modern, luxurious room. I will post pictures later.

What was going to be a day of driving from Kalispel  to Ritzville, WA (4hrs 45 min - 296 miles) turned into Kalispel - Thompson Falls (107 miles), Thompson Falls - Enaville (61.2 miles), and then Enaville to Ritzville (123 miles), and then Ritzvile to Pasco/Richland, WA (seems fitting that it's Richland, like where I grew up) (78.6 miles) for a grand total of 369.8 miles, an extra 73.8 miles, except that most of those miles were through mountains!

For now, I have to do some work and then pack up and head for our new home in Woodland, WA.

Thanks for reading!

Top Hat Motel, Ritzville, WA 1708.26

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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