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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #150 - Hey, Mom, Comics!!

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #150 - Hey, Mom! New WEEKLY Comics!!

Hi Mom,

Gee wiz, Mom. Comic books. I felt it was time for some comic book content. And there's no time more fitting than for entry #150 in this series, in which I have written a bit about comic books, but not entirely and not frequently.

I appreciate that you were always supportive of my comic book reading, Mom. You bought me my first comic book, and when I was little, when we went to the grocery store, if I was good, you would buy me a small book or a comic book.

When I was older, you bought me subscriptions to comic books, so that issues would arrive in the mail for my favorite comics. And then there were always the boxes of comic books for Christmas, which you let me open on Christmas Eve, so that when I woke up at 3 a.m., I would have comic books to read while I waited to wake you and Dad at 6 a.m.

Most of my birthday cakes were decorated with a comic book hero, and there were many more comic book related gifts over the years as well as pilgrimages to  comic book stores when we took trips, before these were more common place and there was a great one in Kalamazoo.
This love for comic books continued until now. A large amount of the content on my T-shirt blog was devoted to comic books as I own many comic-book-themed T-shirts, many of which you gave me as gifts, Mom. Part way through my T-shirt year, I decided to feature a list of the comic books I purchased each week, ranked in the order I would read them as setting the stack in order is something I do each week.

I collected those blogs, here: COLLECTION OF WEEKLY COMIC LISTS FROM 365 T-SHIRTS.

My idea with these comic book posts was to give myself a reason to write about the current comic books, as the T-shirt themed posts were often more broad in scope, featuring a tribute to DOCTOR STRANGE or WONDER WOMAN.  And so I devised the weekly comic book list feature to write about my thoughts on current comic books. When I ceased daily publication on 365 T-shirts, I tried to continue to keep up with the weekly comic book list feature on this blog, SENSE OF DOUBT, with entries, such as this one: COMICS FOR 1404.09 or this one: COMICS FOR 1404.16.

But I fell behind. The last entry I published was this one for WEEKLY COMICS FROM 1408.27. I started a switch over to write about the lists grouped by month, but stalled at September 2014. Now, over a year later, I have over a dozen draft pages of comic book lists in ranked order that I have not published. I considered publishing all the list in one entry, but I know that this ranking and listing is more interesting to me than it is to anyone else, even you, Mom. And so, I have not done that grouping yet. Heck, I even struggle to make a post in Hey Mom ever day, as I have at least nine posts on this blog that I considered unfinished.

And so, here's the current list in the hopes I can get back on track with publishing the lists and as a minimum making a few remarks on the comics for the week, which is after all, the purpose of what I am doing with the listing.

I found a cool website that does comic book round ups, so I made the header of the list a link to that site as well.

I had cleared some of the back log (comics that go unread for months), and so I discovered I had missed Batgirl #42. Normally, this issue would not hit the top of the stack, but since I read all the others before and after it, I wanted to find out what happened and not wait.

Art often is the deciding factor in the ranking, so given that I love Frank Cho's art, Totally Awesome Hulk #001 takes the top spot, followed by Warren Ellis' new take on James Bond, and then Invincible Iron Man #004 mainly on the strength of this awesome cover (see above). Recently, the new launch of Doctor Strange took a top spot as I adore the art of Chris Bachalo. Doctor Strange #003 falls to fifth here only because I will savor it slowly, and so I placed other comics that are quicker reads ahead of it.

There are a lot of new #001s because Marvel is going ahead with its post-Secret Wars universe even though the Secret Wars comic will not wrap up for another couple of months because of delays in production. So, we are reading the aftermath before we learn the story behind how the new/old Marvel universe turned out as it did.

You will note that despite the Batgirl issue to start the stack, DC comics does not earn a spot until the #16, which like Batgirl is a catch up, not a comic that came out this week. DC has been very disappointing by and large and this week Marvel surely dominates the stack. But there are three comics outside the big two publishers with the aforementioned James Bond, which joins Grayson, Black Widow, and Velvet in the industry's new found fascination with spy thriller comics. There's also the wonderful comic from the minds of Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang from Image Comics, Paper Girls, which is quite fun, and there's Dynamite's latest DOC SAVAGE comic -- Doc Savage Spiders Web #1. I am a real sucker for Doc Savage comics, so this one gets an order even though my comic book budget is tight.

Also, please note that only one comic hits the back log, as I have cleared it somewhat, though Batman and Robin Eternal #8  from the Back Log moves up to join  #9, though both are low enough in the list that I am unlikely to get them read before next week's comics come out. I love weekly comics, but they are tough to stay on top of given the numbers I buy each week. Also, my reading time is divided now, especially with Finals Week looming.

I am not sure if this is a cost saving mode or not, but I chose to wait out buying Grant Morrison's 18 Days  as a trade paperback, as I do here with VOL 01 War Begins, rather than buying the individual issues.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. And now at the end, my favorite part, the comic book cover gallery, though I will try to keep it brief (as I already posted three covers).


Batgirl #42 (only because I missed it now I am catching up)
Totally Awesome Hulk #001
James Bond #2
Invincible Iron Man #004
Doctor Strange #003
Star Wars #013
Extraordinary X-Men #003
All New All Different Avengers #002
All New X-Men #001
Paper Girls #3
Daredevil #001
Guardians of Infinity #001
Vision #002
Doc Savage Spiders Web #1
Spidey #001
Superman: Lois and Clark #2 (also catch up back issue)
Batman and Robin Eternal #8 and #9
Green Lantern #47
Robin War #1 (of 2)
Rocket Girl #7
Teen Titans #14
Action Comics #47


Nova #2


Grant Morrison's 18 Days TP VOL 01 War Begins

 Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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