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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #170 - Box of comics on Christmas Eve

Me and Lori reading comics 1976
I think it's worth noting the Jack Kirby Black Panther comic and the issue of Howard the Duck in the picture above.

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #170 - Box of comics on Christmas Eve

me and Lori, reading
Hi Mom,

You remember everything I am about to write, Mom, of course, but for those who read the blog who did not know us growing up, I want to share about our family tradition of a box of comics for Christmas Eve.

Every year, you would wrap presents early, Mom, giving us at least a week (and sometimes more) to shake and ponder the contents of the many packages under the Christmas tree in eager anticipation of that magical December morning.

Christmas 1972
Given my buggy intensity leading up to Christmas, and later Lori's, you would let each of us open one gift on Christmas Eve, which was always a box of comic books. In your estimation, this was the ideal gift, as I would sleep at best from bed time to about 3 a.m. at which point I would wake and need something to do. And so, I would have a box of comic books to read. I wish I had a picture of some of these boxes of comic books or of me reading stacks of comics on Christmas Eve. The picture up top of me and Lori shows comics on the floor nearby, though we are not actively reading them, we had been. But the picture is from November (or before) and not Christmas Eve. But I have some other neat pictures that I will share.

You had a good idea with the box of comics, Mom. Between this tradition, reading to me at bed time, buying little books and comics for me at eat grocery trip, and later my allowance based on the cost of two comic books (a quarter = two 12 cent comics and a penny for tax), I grew up to become a great lover of comic books, which are still (often) magical and beautiful to me.

Thank you, Mom. You changed my life. You instilled in me a great love for comic books.

Christmas 1976
Unwrapping with Mom
 In the above picture, we have begun to go through our stockings from Santa Claus. Mom, you liked order, and so we had bowls to collect our candy and fruit. The large apples and oranges were a Christmas tradition, always one of each in our stocking. As you can see near my side, I have two apples -- a red one and a green one -- and an orange. Mom is helping Lori fill her bowl with the items in her stocking.

Christmas 1976

Taking pictures following the celebration (usually over a week or more later) was also a Christmas tradition. Here's that same Christmas. I am posing with the presents I received. You can see Pong, the first computer video game, in the lower left corner, Mom. And if you look closely, the comics from that Christmas Eve box are spread out from left to right just behind Pong and all along the front of the display. I am holding a magical illusion with three silks that I cannot remember the name of.

With Tim Travis Jan 1976
 Here's a picture of me from January of 1976 (so about 12 months before the Christmas pictured above), probably celebrating my birthday with my friend Tim Travis, assessing my comic book collection. This picture was taken in the spare room in the basement where I could entertain friends and practice my magic. Note that stacks of games behind us. Also, note an issue of Warlock at the far upper left end of the pile. Full circle? I received a shirt with Warlock's picture for Christmas this year in 2015.

My Birthday 1974
Another traditional pose shot following my 1974 birthday (I am 12; Lori is four). All the gifts are mine except the tutu and ballerina case on the far right. That was a gift for Lori, revealing another tradition as we would always receive one present at the other child's birthday so not to feel left out.
Notice the display of comics along the top of that couch. The issue of the Flash that I am holding in the previous picture with Tim is on the far right end of the couch in this picture. Also, in another full circle moment, I received a Morbius t-shirt for Christmas this year (2015), commemorating the comic book seen directly above the Marie Osmond Paper Roses record album.

I think the grouping of presents here is very interesting. There's a ventriloquist dummy that catches your eye, dead center. To the left, there's a watch and its case. Above that, a narrated comic book record album of Batman. A huge '70s mod card. Some books. To the right of the dummy, the aforementioned Marie Osmond album, Lone Ranger and Tonto and some Batman diorama. Above my head, a boxer from the Big Jim collection, Captain America, and Tarzan.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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Comic books on display - 1976

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