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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #166 - Dreams part three

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #166 - Dreams part three

** Dates are always the date when I woke not necessarily when I dreamed.

Hi Mom, Here, I am again, in the future. I fell behind on blogging due to final exams and then final grades. That work is all done now, and I here I sit in the future, on Christmas day, five days after this supposedly posted.

And even here in this post that is usually dedicated to MY dreams, I am starting with a dream that Liesel had as it is the most significant of the three dreams described here.


So this is Liesel's dream. She is driving you around, Mom, because you wanted to visit your "people." You have some framed wooden thing in your lap with a positive Christian quote in it. You are talking non-stop, and Liesel is wondering who this Marjorie is, as in her experience, you were rather silent. Then later in the dream, she is watching you in the driveway of the old West Gull Drive house. Dad is there, and he looks as he does now, 80-years-old, but you are younger with long, flowing hair and wearing equally flowing robes. Dad is watching you drifting away.

PS: I didn't have the right picture for a woman in flowing robes and long hair (and try doing a Google search on that description!), but this image from The Wicked and the Divine, which I had already shared on this blog popped into my mind, and so here it is again.

Liesel feels you visited her in her dreams, especially because she did not know that you used to talk non-stop in cars, and so that seems to be clear proof of your visit.

I agree.

Here's the other dreams I had been adding to my dream journal, here.


As with most dreams, a lot of detail gets lost. I remember a fragment. I almost grabbed my chrome book and wrote this down when I woke, but then, I thought that would wake me more and I would have a harder time getting back to sleep, so I refrained.

Dad wanted me to help him measure something that he could easily have measured himself. I grew very angry with him as he kept asking me to hold the tape measure that did not need holding by two people. I yelled at him that he did not need my help but that I need his help when I was trying to dig the huge hole in the yard that he had asked me to dig, trying to break the hard packed dirt with the spade and not succeeding. "You know I am not a very strong person!" I cried. You were there Mom, in your wheel chair, turned away from us, and crying.


Star studded dreams last night featuring Robert Redford and Erykah Badu. In the first dream with Redford, I was staying at his house and working with him on some activist project, but we had not discussed that he was a famous actor. Some nefarious crew was drugging us so we would not notice them traipse through this large club (like a gentleman's club) in their colorful costumes. Once I deduced that we were being drugged, I managed to free myself of the drugs, and I saw a whole line of these costumed villains walking through the Victorian-appointed room and disappearing through a doorway with red velvet curtains, draped in a loop from the top of the door to the top part of either side. Alerting Redford and his (or our or my) lady friend, I managed to stop two of skulkers, and beat them unconscious. Bound and gagged, we traded these two colorfully costumed ne'er-do-wells for one more in the know and one we could learn from. At this point, the dream I shifted or I forget what happened next. Then we were in his house and there was one person trying to kill us. I hid in a closet. But we managed to escape this threat, too. Later, I told Redford how much I enjoyed his work in movies, especially Brubaker, which he claimed he did not remember making. I tried to remember what it was about and claimed it was about a newspaper man and some union squabble. It's actually a prison warden who goes under cover in a prison to learn of the corruption. I also told him that I thought that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of the greatest movies ever made. We were still drowsy and trying to fight off the effects of the drug. Redford was more interested in discussing our activism projects (something with the environment?) than discussing his movie career.

Later, in a different dream, I am in an awning tent on WMU's campus by Miller. The space is filled with tents as there's some festival going on. I am sitting with a large, black mama, who has some kind of food tent or a tent that offers food but promotes activism. I don't know. She's giving me lots of food in a small towel, fresh vegetables, like egg plant and squash, and wants me to take it back to my car before eating the collard greens and other soul food she's serving. I have some other reason to go to my car, so I take the bundle, and turn to go, and I see Erykah Badu going by, She's in sunglasses and a shiny leather coat, the kind that goes to the knees or just above, and flairs out like a dress and ties or belts at the waist. I stop her to find out what she's doing here at WMU as much as to chat. Is she taking classes? Hosting a seminar? She does have a back pack. I talk to her about how I feel about her music and her art. I share that I took Liesel to her concert and try not to share Liesel's opinions of her. I keep wanting to know why she's here, wanting to meet with her, have more conversations, be her friend, even though there's also a sexual attraction happening (at least with me).

And then I wake up.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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