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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #172 - Christmases 2009-2015

Christmas 2009
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #172 - Christmases 2009-2015
cheat photo from Turkeyville 2011
to stand in for missing 2010 Christmas photo

Hi Mom, Just some pictures today

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.

When I was working on a Christmas post, I thought of posting pictures from this year's Christmas without you in them, Mom.

But then I remembered that I had a picture of your chair from right after they took away your body. The empty chair. It seemed like the right way to end this.

Original posting, I had to cheat as I did not have a picture from Christmas 2010, but now I have one from the Bob Tower photo archive.

Thus, I am updating on 1601.01 - 11:21.

I love you, Mom.

Mom at Christmas 2010

Christmas Day 2011
Christmas 2012
Christmas 2013

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2015


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