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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #161 - Introversion - Reprinted T-shirt nonesuchery pt.3

Satchel - Christmas 2012
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #161 - Introversion - Reprinted T-shirt nonesuchery pt.3

Hi Mom, Java Final exam today. Giving an LS 1040 final. Lots of studying.

I indicated there would be more t-shirt reprints. I am selecting good stuff that did not make my top ten (which has like 12 not 10 entries) favorite category in 365 T-Shirts.

I promise more new content when I get beyond the finals Hell week. I added to the third part of the dreams series with last night's dreams, and I have some other entries half started.

Until then, it's been a while since we had a puppy on this page, so here you go (see above) and enjoy the blast from the past and some cool stuff on introversion.

T-shirt #178 - KUDL2009PLAY - Introversion

I am still in Detroit. Troy, actually. Liesel and I did a lot of driving around Detroit suburbs yesterday. Friday night in Ferndale for dinner. Yesterday, we had lunch in Royal Oak and drove to the Sign of the Beefcarver to get our pictures (see far below). Then after I finished a set of grades, we were off to the Meadowbrook festival site, taking Rochester Road up to stop at an Old Navy enroute. Rochester is cute. Easy in and out at the Laneway Festival.

We ended up getting there just in time to see Sigur Rós.

I was hoping that Pavilion seating would be first come/first served, and it was. We showed up at the end of Solange's set and snagged two seats, which would have been perfect if the stupid, bumpkin, uncouth, insensitive, privileged, "I am the center of the universe and I don't give a fuck about you" Detroit "fans" of Sigur Rós did not stand in front of their lovely and comfy seats for the entire show. I tried to release the anger and rage out my pores and not dwell on it. But, really, if I had wanted to stand through the whole concert, I would have moved up front to the standing area!!

Next time, I am not going to be passive, and I will ask these dickheads to sit down. Do I sound bitter? I am mostly over it, but I am still a little bitter. I want to love everyone and suspend judgment, but some people make this so difficult. I want to be a loving, accepting, and easy-going person, free of judgment, and treating others as I want to be treated (BE NICE), and yet I want to sit through my Sigur Rós concert and SEE THE FUCKING STAGE; AND so I have a long way to go to forgive people for being so insensitive because they think they are the center of the universe. Or perhaps they just don't think at all.

Oh yeah. Remember T-shirt #168, and the PLAY & NO PLAY tags on two identical shirts both hanging in my closet? This is the second "PLAY" one and seemed a good way to get into other subjects.


This is a good place to share a few thoughts on Introversion and introverts.

I shared the video that Liesel had introduced me to in T-shirt #161. You can either dial back and watch the video or search You Tube for Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts, if you want to watch it and have not yet done so. It will take about 20 minutes of your time.

Susan Cain's video is very thought-provoking. As I explained in T-shirt #161, I am more introvert than extravert. ("Extravert is Jung's spelling, and he created the words.) And yet, I am often mistaken for an extravert. I often play the role of the extravert because our society and culture glorifies and enables extraversion while it denigrates, admonishes, and fails to understand introversion. In our culture, there is something wrong with people who want to be alone, who like to read and have quiet time, who need solitude to work on one project at a time, who do not always feel like collaborating or being a team player, who do not spend all their time out and about being social.

Why are introverts so misunderstood? Why are introverts pressured to change their ways? Why are introverts seen as damaged, sad, or in some other way deficient?

Susan Cain makes several astute observations in her video about the importance of introverts and the contributions they have made to the arts, to science, to world cultures.

According to Jung, we all fall on a spectrum. Each of us is some part introvert and some part extravert. We are yin and yang, light and dark. And yet many people want to homogenize. They want pasteurization. Difference is what is interesting. Conformity is not.

Enjoy the wonderful comic reprinted below (and linked) that makes this point more effectively than my rhetoric.


Susan Cain - The Power of Introverts - Cain's main site.

Introversion Cartoon - Link to the comic strip re-published below, without permission but with due credit.

French Fries and Waffles - Link to main site of Luchie's cartoons, artist of the strip below.



Liesel and I at Laneway Pavilion
shortly before the Sigur Rós performance
Liesel 's "Breaking Bad"
Detroit City shot
Is she scary?
Is she cool?
Scary cool?

Liesel enjoying the melon margarita
at a Cantina in Royal Oak.
We both enjoyed our drinks.

Classic cafeteria style restaurant
on Woodward Ave near Birmingham

Why settle for one Beef Carver sign picture
when one can have two?

Sigur Rós creates the paradigm shift
By the time, I finished this blog, we were back home after a brunch at East Lansing's El Azteco. No pictures.

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Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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