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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #181 - No Resolutions; Constant Resolutions

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Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #181 - No Resolutions; Constant Resolutions

Hi Mom,

I wrote about new year's resolutions in Hey Mom #153, and I want to revisit the subject today.

I have never been too keen on making new year's resolutions. Part of my reticence has to do with herd mentality. I tend to be averse to any kind of mass movement or band wagon sort of parading about gleefully doing what we're supposed to do and doing what is expected of us. I tend to go the other way. So, if everyone's making new year's resolutions, then I am not going to do that as to do so would be falling in with herd mentality, and I don't like that.

Hence my identification with what Warren Ellis wrote back in early December:

And yet, friends like Mallory Dowd, write wonderful lists like this one at her blog

a country incident, which is named after a poem by May Sarton featured in POETRY magazine.

Lunch with Lori and Dad 1512.23
I am inspired by Mallory's list, and yet, I not inclined to make my own list. To each her own. We all march to the beat of the drummer we hear.

Though read over Mallory's list. She has some fine items, such as reading more poetry and her mandala practice, which I asked her about because Jung maintained a daily mandala practice as well. I am curious if she pursues something similar.

More than just my natural reaction to common practice, I have shied away from new year's resolutions because I do not need to make them. I make resolutions all the time. Even Mallory equivocates with calling them goals and hopes and not resolutions.

I find the new year sort of arbitrary and unremarkable. My times of reflection come following a semester, which also ends shortly before the new year, but any resolutions are more due to that ending than the new year beginning.

For instance, during my journey through serious maths, PreCalculus, last term, I identified what I need to do to be successful this term in Calculus. I need to maintain a steady pace of math work every day. I need to dedicate time away from home to isolate myself and immerse myself within the study of Calculus to best prepare for each test. I must begin my studies for each test right after the previous test and watch for time wasters, such as online homework. I am hopeful that this course will NOT have online homework and only limited homework to submit for grading.

I just completed a round of PT, and so I am supposedly resolved to do my exercises, though I neglected this enterprise over the holidays, although I have been walking the dog regularly.

I had set my determination on this blog, previously, and will continue to finish out my 365 days of dedicated writing, a tribute to you, Mom.

I am inclined toward my fiction writing again, as I am during every work break. At the very least, I am thinking about my novel projects again and gearing up to at least read over my previous work and spend some time each week (as each day may be too ambitious) immersed in my writing work.

As always, I try to keep everything in balance. I try to spend time with my family, both my Dad and sister, and my wife and kids. I have household duties every day. I have long term projects for the house and myself. Plus I have MORE work than the usual full time job plus classes I am taking. All of this must be balanced well and wisely.

All these "resolutions" are ones I have made already, long before the new year.

Another friend wrote the following on my Facebook wall recently. She has given me a new mantra and a theme for this blog work: reflect and connect. This should be added to my closing as a constant reminder of what I am doing.

That's my resolution.

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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