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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #193 - Football Picks - Divisional Round

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #193 - Football Picks - Divisional Round

Hi Mom,

This seemed like a good day to share about my fantasy sports playing activities. And yet, I might not finish this before the close of business today. I have ceased to be too concerned about time since I can publish these backwards if needed. And then, that's what happens. I started this one on Saturday for Saturday, and it will still be dated Saturday, but it's now Monday morning.

Mainly, I want to discuss my picking game that I share with four other friends, five of us in all, as seen in the graphic above. The resolution is not very good, but if you look closely, you can see that I closed the season with a record of 145-108-3. My closest competitor was ten back with a 135 total followed by the other three guys at 127, 126, and 125 respectively. I even picked better than the so-called professionals of Sports Weekly, who racked up a 140 total not shown above.

I am proud of my picking prowess this season (if you do not know that picking means picks or selections, then that sentence could sound like a peccadillo). My friends and I select all the NFL games for the regular season (and post season but that's not over yet) based on the spread, so my 145 correct selections means that 145 of my picks beat or covered the spread as appropriate.

It's important to share at this stage because right now my picking of playoffs SUCKS. I have picked ONE game right so far in the playoffs. TERRIBLE. I would like to say that the selecting is a SKILL but I really think it's mostly luck. Granted, I read up on football during the season and put some thought into the selections. But did I get to 145 wins by skill and knowledge or luck? If it's skill and knowledge, then wouldn't it carry over into the post-season?

Anyway, I have done this game since 1999. In fact, the friend that proposed we do this originally quit long ago, and now I do this game with four other friends, who have never met each other. Jason is a friend from K, but long after I graduated. We played Ultimate together, and he hung it in my post women's studies classes drinking and dining discussion meetings. Bill was a student in English and Women's Studies and Jay is his friend. And Dave plays Ultimate here in our city league and is a good friend. He's also the single most ardent Detroit Lions fan I know.

It's a fun game. Just for bragging rights. We have tried to add a money prize a couple of times but it does not take. So it's free, it's fun, and there's a little trash talk.

I also play fantasy sports: basketball, football, and BASEBALL, which is my personal favorite.

I do not pay much attention to fantasy football. It's weekly, so that's less of a burden. But I do not labor over the teams so much, not like the others. Of the two I care about, I won the PHAKE PHOOTBALL PHENOMENONS league, run by Bill, and lost the KUDL LEAGUE to Dave's team.

Fantasy football is over for the season, so right now, I am focused on BASKETBALL. Baseball does not start for another three months, approximately, but I will have to start planning fantasy Baseball in March.

Basketball is daily though not as complex as Baseball as teams play half as many games. Still, there is at least one game almost every day, and so it needs constant attention.

Here's my list of leagues from last week (see graphic below). I was having a good week, winning in most leagues. My Creepy Mama's Boys team dropped out of first, but only by 1/2 a game, so I think I can make that up.

I can't seem to catch the top two teams in Ballers. And I am making progress to take over first in the two leagues I run as commissioner: Michigan Hoops Association and KUDLicious Hoops.

Yes, I play SIX leagues. But really, that's not a lot. Setting lineups can take as little as ten minutes every day. Not a problem. Roster changes and the like can be a bit more time consuming but I rarely spend more than 30 minutes on it.

Here's a graphic showing my Baseball leagues and a week I was winning in all of them, though in the Fellowship league I could not make much progress and finished in seventh place. But I ended in first place in that league in 2014. I also won two other leagues that year, but I came in second in my beloved Tiger Towne league. I did not win any Baseball leagues in 2015.

winning in all fantasy baseball 1509.06

Here's a particularly good week for fantasy football.

winning all the football leagues
week five 2015

Here's the final standings for the Fellowship league from 2014.

week 21 2015 - pretty good week

And lastly, here's my stats from my beloved TIGER TOWNE LEAGUE. Check it out. I had the best WHIP (Walks+Hits/innings pitched) in the league and the best ERA (Earned Run Average). But I did not dominate in other categories. Bill tries to just win holds and not saves, but I try to do well in both. My Nest Saves number is too low (fifth in the league), but my holds is actually second in the league.
This is just pitching.

My offense also needs work. I don't care about stolen bases, so I boot that category (NSB) each year. I mainly focus on TB or Total Bases. And yet, I was SEVENTH out of eight in Total Bases last year. That's terrible. My team needs a major overhaul. I plan to return to dominance.

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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