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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #199 - DK III The Master Race - book two


Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #199 - DK III The Master Race - book two

Hi Mom,

Time again for some comics. Thanks of listening politely, Mom. You were always good about listening to what interests me.

We're back to the subject of The Dark Knight III - The Master Race or DKIII.

I wrote about DKIII #1 in HEY MOM #175.

Issue #2 fared better with critics.

As I wrote in #175 regarding Book One, "the overall rating is 7.7 from critics and 7.6 from readers. Though there is only one review at 10/10, there are FOURTEEN reviews between nine and nine point six. On the low end, there is a 2.0  and two at four from "critics." Though the term "critic" is used loosely in the comic book world. By and large, no qualifications are really needed or tested for being a critic of comic books."

For Book Two, Roundup reports a 7.9 critic rating and a 7.6 user rating.  In the review roundup, there are three 6/10, and one 4/10, which is the low score. There was only one 10/10. All in all,


There was a mix of opinions. I read one reviewer who thought the mini-comic was worse, and another, like me who thought it was better: Fanboy, Inc. review. I thought the mini comic was MUCH better than the first, cleaner art and a clearer story line, while also giving us much needed development of the rift between Diana and Lara.

Book Two is definitely an improvement over Book One. Book One fails because it provides no answers. It tries to follow the style of The Dark Knight Returns and DKII: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by unfurling the story with overlaid dialogue, TV spots, and very little connective tissue. By trying to introduce the main story elements and character lines (Wonder Woman, Lara, Commissioner Lindel, and Carrie as the new Batman), the issue did not hold together, and, in particular, gave Carrie's story the short shrift as I explained in somewhat different lines of thought in my previous review, HEY MOM #175.

However, Book Two works better because it start with Carrie's arrest, and we get explanations for why Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is dead. With this storyline established well, when the narrative jumps to Lara and the Atom at the Bottle City of Kandor, the transition is not as jarring or unexpected as in Book One.

Then the action really gets going during Carrie's transport to maximum security. Her escape from police custody is brilliant and the sequence detailing it entertaining and gripping. In fact, is it possible that Carrie LET herself be taken into custody? It works for the narrative as this is how we, the readers, get the back story. But why would Carrie feel the need to give Yindel the back story?

Satisfied with this turn of events, we return to Kandor as the Atom discovers that he's been tricked and that Quar has led a revolt in Kandor and tricked the Atom to be able to escape to conquer our world. The Atom gets stepped on. Is he dead? And Quar destroys the bottle city. Is this permanent and irreversible?

Then to the last page, in which we find Carrie returning to the bat cave only to join...is that Bruce Wayne??

OKAY, then. MUCH anticipation for Book Three, which won't be out until 2/24.

Book Two secured DKIII's status as more than JUST a money grab.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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