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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #725 - Retro TV: LAND OF THE GIANTS

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #725 - Retro TV: LAND OF THE GIANTS

Hi Mom,

Welcome to July.

That's the month you died, two years ago.

I can hardly believe I am typing those words.

But I am not writing about the subject of your death today.

It's Saturday, and I have sort of unofficially decided that Saturdays are for things to watch, like the old tradition of Saturday morning cartoons.

I have tried to maintain this out put of things to watch on Saturdays.

For instance, last Saturday was the Star Trek post and the Saturday before that was my RIP to Adam West. On the 10th of June, three weeks ago, I had another Star Trek post.  I have to go back to June 3rd to find a post without something to watch on a Saturday. So, it's a trend, at least for Star Trek.

So, for today's viewing, one of my favorite TV shows from the 1960s - Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants.

Many of the episodes (all of them? 51 episodes) are available on You Tube. The version of the first episode I found is a bit weird with a glittering background and the TV broadcast in little box in the lower right corner, but it's still cool to see. Other episodes are more "full screen" as it were.

I am also posting the Irwin Allen promo film with footage from Land of the Giants before its debut and a really nice cameo at the end by Don Matheson facing a ferocious giant cat.


I love this idea of an inner space at the sub-atomic level inside our own space, and it's an intriguing idea to have space-faring (or dimension hopping) explorers find themselves in a world of giants.

A great deal of my play and my imagination was influenced by this idea as a young child, surely starting with Land of the Giants and the great Fantastic Voyage (which was both a movie and a TV show), but then later, by the Micronauts toy line (and comic book from Marvel). Also, there's a new comic from IDW that I liked quite a bit and have been intending to write about here on the blog (but who has the time). And don't forget INNERSPACE, the movie, which explored the same themes.

As a budding writer in the late 1970s, I began to wonder: if there's a sub-atomic universe within our universe, a micro in our macro, then in that micro-verse is there another mico-verse for which that is the macro? And then another within that one, and another, and so on? This idea formed the basis of my first science fiction story (book?) that I was writing in my early high school years called "Zeroes," (for the idea of a ring within a ring within a ring and so on but also the idea of zero, of nothing, of null).

I had planned for more content today, but I am two days late now, so this is all.






The Irwin Allen News Network - Land of the Giants




From metv


The video below's description

Land of the Giants, promo film (1967)
via YOU TUBE account of jlovebirch - Published on Apr 28, 2012

Early promo film for Irwin Allen's "Land of the Giants" TV series (1968-1970). Made before the pilot episode was filmed (in 1967). The last bit is hosted by cast member Don Matheson. No live footage from the series, just rough concept drawings (note the Jupiter II style ship as the Spindrift was not yet designed). Allen used these big illustrations to pitch his shows to the network executives.

Land of the Giants (1968) Season 1 Episode 1
- via Christopher Neff (YOU TUBE)


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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NOTE on time: When I post late, I had been posting at 7:10 a.m. because Google is on Pacific Time, and so this is really 10:10 EDT. However, it still shows up on the blog in Pacific time. So, I am going to start posting at 10:10 a.m. Pacific time, intending this to be 10:10 Eastern time. I know this only matters to me, and to you, Mom. But I am not going back and changing all the 7:10 a.m. times. But I will run this note for a while. Mom, you know that I am posting at 10:10 a.m. often because this is the time of your death.

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