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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #730 - Halloween 1969 - Me and Lori - Throwback Thursday

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #730 - Halloween 1969 - Me and Lori - Throwback Thursday

Hi Mom,

Welcome to the two year mark. 730 days is 365 * 2. I started this blog feature two days after your death, Mom, so this is the two year blog mark.

Feels good.

No plans to stop. I may write about that issue (not stopping) and blog recap soon, but not today.

So, about this photo, Mom.

You, Mom, wrote on this photo: "Me - 7rs 3 months and Lori 11-12 weeks."

So these ages are not right, Mom.

Since I was born on January 19, 1962, and turned seven on January 19, 1969, and Lori was born on August 9th, 1969, when she is 11-12 weeks old, I would be seven years and 9-10 months. Clearly, this is a picture from Halloween 1969, then at the end of October, Lori is 11 weeks old, and I am seven years and nine months old. Unless that's supposed to be an 8 for 8 months.

I thought I would share a picture of me and Lori again because we're having lunch later today.

So, we're back to the stream of consciousness sharing thing. I may dress the post up with some more photos.

I am giving myself fifteen minutes at this sitting. It may be my longest session of the day.

I am in high gear right now, so I am going to work on this post off and all day in between grading, making calls for house and moving stuff, finishing setting up my office. I have some before pictures, but I do not have the full effect of the messy office before this culling and remodeling. Though I may save  the entire set of photos for a special post of its own.

Things are happening around here, Mom. We we're going to list the house yesterday, but now we are listing it tomorrow. Professional photos happen tomorrow, though I am hoping we will use some of the photos from the appraisal from six years ago. We have an open house scheduled for Sunday. We are really hoping the house sells this weekend.

There's still so much to do, but I am being philosophical about it. What gets done is what gets done. i am not going to fret about things outside of my control, and I am going to do my best to prioritize for the greatest impact.

That said, I think my office is looking pretty good.

Dad came over yesterday and helped me cut down the pine tree branches around the mail box. The mowing and trimming happened and I had to call. The lawn does not really look well mowed. I believe they set their deck a bit higher so people have to have them back each week. I wanted to a lower, close trim. So I am waiting to here back on that. We received the estimate on the new shower and are trying to decide if we really do want to replace it. And then there's at least a dozen other things that I am juggling along with work, puppies, laundry, my office, and this blog.

At least the puppies are back at Camp Fido today. Remember, Mom? Ellory was turned away with "kennel cough" two weeks ago. She has been symptom free for over a week, she is done with her anti biotics, and she's MORE than ready to go.

Liesel joined us on the long walk last night and held Ellory's leash while I did Satchel. We had a very nice walk. With the breeze and much of the route in the shade, it was not unbearably hot, though Liesel carries a water bottle. I should get her a camel pack for her birthday.

Speaking of Liesel, she reported to me that it 88 degrees in Woodland (our new town) yesterday and 92 in Portland. So much for all these people telling us that we don't need air conditioning.

Switching gears, I am going to take Lori to Arcadia today for lunch, unless it's insanely busy. It was insanely busy Monday, apparently, and Liesel ended up taking Rochelle and Keith (her aunt and uncle) to Maru.

Did I mention that I saw the Wonder Woman movie on Monday? FINALLY. I hope to write about it in a blog entry of its very own, but I will say that I really liked it. So did Liesel. So we'll see if I have time to write something more substantial about the movie.

I have completed cleaning my office, and our rooms are ready for tomorrow's listing and photos. I may do a full post about my office tomorrow, or at least soon. I wish I had more pictures of the mess it was before the renovation. I cleaned a lot out of here. It feels good.

I hope to get plans for the new house soon with measurements, so I can see if my new office will be bigger, smaller, or the same size as my current office. I can begin to make some plans once I have a better idea of the room size.

It's been a pretty long day, Mom, even though I am time stamping and dating from earlier in the day.

Nice lunch with Lori at Zooroona.

Probably going to bed early.

I know, I know, if you're a reader other than my Mom, this is not all that exciting, right? But it's honest, and it is what it is. It not like I have TV show premiering on Netflix tonight like Warren Ellis and Castlevania.

Had to sneak in that mention... :-)


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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