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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #737 - Long Lake 1971 - Throwback Thursdays - conversations #13

Dad, Lori, and Mom 1971 at Long Lake, Traverse City, MI
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #737 - Long Lake 1971 - Throwback Thursdays - conversations #13

Hi Mom,

I am starting this Wednesday (1707.12) because it's always my goal to work ahead. Liesel comes home an hour early from work now, and it's throwing off my whole routine. So I just moved a bunch of stuff in the basement to organize it all better for packing.

Oops, I guess I should write about this picture first. It's likely that I took this picture. I am nine years old. I probably could operate a camera. That's you Mom, in your favorite yellow beach robe, with Dad and Lori. I have no idea who the young boy is with the diapers and the football. Neighbor kid possibly? I have no clue. I miss our times at the lake. Those times were so magical. I miss those family vacations.

I had forgotten about that shack in the background. Maybe it's an ice fishing hovel? It's gone now, that's for sure. But then, it's been like 45 years.

So, yesterday was Net Neutrality Day. See this - https://www.battleforthenet.com/.

I posted about this issue yesterday, made a small donation to the EFF -- Electronic Frontier Foundation -- and sent Twitter message urging others to follow suit. Not that I have a huge following, but the post did get 28 views this morning. These Throwback posts continue to be popular. Last week's was the most popular of the week. Hey readers other than Mom, Thanks for tuning in.

So, we put the house on the market last week Friday. Pictures were taken. We had three people insist on seeing it Saturday and three more who wanted to see it on Sunday before the open house at 3:30. One person made an offer Saturday night and wanted us to accept it before the open house, so we did.

Today, and by today I now mean Thursday, the home is being inspected and then there will be an appraisal. Assuming everything checks out, and we expect it to check out, then the sale will no longer be pending, at least unofficially. Then it's all packing. I plan to put in several hours packing tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. I am having a little anxiety about the packing, but I will feel better about it once I get a bunch of it done and haul a bunch of stuff to my Dad's place, which I am so thankful exists for this exact purpose. If next week I am writing this Throwback entry and I am still over anxious about packing, then we're in trouble.

As for the house, if this deal falls through, we can simply put it back on the market with the confidence that it will basically sell immediately. So, there's that.

I am up at WMU right now as I had to vacate our home for the inspectors.

I did a little bit of work, and I am giving myself 11 more minutes to write this before I do some coding and then take off for a lunch date.

I am listening to this:

So I have been thinking about this blog a lot lately.

One line of thinking has me considering stopping or going on hiatus because the move requires a lot of my time and energy and maybe I cannot afford the time I spend on this blog. On the other hand, if I deprive myself of too many of the things that I enjoy, then ultimately, I will not be mentally healthy. If I become mentally and emotionally unhealthy because of working too hard and dealing with too much stress, then this state of mind and heart and spirit will affect the move anyway. I am not going to be productive if my spirit is crushed.

So, here's where my head is at regarding the blog: I am continuing, but I am going to have to control, very strictly, how much time I devote to it, which means less original content and lots of sharing. I currently have 242 drafts in unpublished posts, so this is really not a problem. In fact, I may go somewhat dark for a period of time, meaning I will set up a series of posts ahead of time, set them to publish on a daily schedule, and may refrain from pushing out notifications to the social media world, which means those of you, and you, Mom, who check the blog will see the activity but otherwise, not.

Five minutes to go for this writing.

The dogs are at Camp Fido.

I have some freedom to accomplish things. They may need to be at camp more often to allow me to pack without any interference or having to worry about them. Right now, Ellory is not allowed in the basement which may have to change before we move simply because it will be easier. So far, she is not too certain of the stairs.

Okay, my time is up for this session. See how good I am being? Now off to write a program for a stack set up in C. Bye for now.

I am back.

Did some programming in C. I made a stack happen. I haven't compiled it yet and see if it runs, but I can do that tomorrow.

I bought dog food, and then took it home to make sure the inspectors did not leave the garage door open.

I have been chatting with a bloke via FB Messenger who I know from long ago who works in the CS industry. He just offered to ask around people he knows in the greater Portland area for a good coding boot camp. He mentioned that many of the front end engineers with whom he works followed this exact route: the coding boot camp route.

So, I am not crazy.

I am actually working toward something and not just wasting time.

I guess that's it for today. I always have more ambitious plans but I have to scale them back for what's realistic.

See you all tomorrow.


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

I miss you so very much, Mom.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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