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Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #26 - I love my new Ultimate bag!

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #26 - I love my new Ultimate bag!

Hi Mom,


Did readers always expect this to be about grief and loss? Well, okay, it still is. But it's also just sharing with my Mom.

You get it, right Mom?

Show and tell was always a big thing with us, Mom.

I have needed a new bag for Ultimate in quite some time.

Here's a bad picture of the hole in the old Ultimate bag. For those not in the know, Ultimate is a sport with "discs" (Frisbees for those of you who may call all facial tissues Kleenex and all copy machines Xerox), and so this is my bag for Ultimate gear.

My old bag was a WMU bag, and it worked great for Ultimate stuff. It was roomy. It had side pockets that fit discs. It had a WMU logo, so I can represent. But there were holes. This picture shows only one of the holes. The Velcro on the strap handle was shot, so I could not Velcro together the handle. My keys have fallen out of the holes more than once. I worried that at the moment I am walking near a storm drain, if the keys fell out... I am very worried about dropping my keys down a storm drain, so I avoid storm drains as a general rule.

So, I went to the WMU book store. But what's the chance that it still sells the same athletic bag I must have bought 20 or more years ago? NONE. Less than zero, actually. So, I was re-grouping. Trying to figure out what to do. I was actually thinking of taking the bag to be repaired as it fit my needs so well.

Then Liesel and I were in Meijer and passing by a display with DETROIT TIGERS athletic bags. Talk about represent! Hello? I figured if the bag was not PERFECT for my needs, I could return it. I love to return things to Meijer. But check it out!! It fits BOTH my cleats and my turf shoes. It fits a nice selection of hats, wrist bands, and discs. One side pocket holds my current most used visors and the other my throwing discs. Glasses are accessible. There's even my Moby hat and sun screen in this thing. And since I have not choked this one full of extra useless crap like the other one (which added at least 10 pounds), I also can use the front zipped pocket for my phone and keys. I even found that the watch I had tied to a strap of the old bag was still keeping the right time! How is that for random chance?

For those reading this, and thinking: "WTF, isn't this written by a guy who is grieving his mother who JUST DIED 27 days ago. And isn't this the last day of the month? Didn't he make a big deal out of this day and its significance yesterday?"

Yeah. I did. So what?

Here's the send off to July. I have something that makes me happy. This new Ultimate bag is one of the top ten things that made me extra super plus good happy this month, and I need every single one of those happy things because the month as a whole kind of sucked (see the above disclosure about mother dying for starters on why it sucked).

Show of hands: how many people did I get to read a little anecdote about buying a new bag for Ultimate thinking I would get to something profound or touching?

Life goes on. The Detroit Tigers play games. I wear stuff with the team logo. I go play Ultimate. I haul my gear there, and I fear losing my keys down storm drains, which are deep, dark, full of water, and generally not accessible.

You get it, right, Mom?

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.

Oh yeah, and the Memorial Service talk will continue tomorrow... Just couldn't deal with that today. I needed a happy thing.


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