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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #87 - Assorted and Therapy

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #87 - Assorted and Therapy

Hi Mom,

You were always such a hard worker.

You're an inspiration.

This is sort of a catch all for the week, hence the assorted stuff tag. I have been working hard, so I have a picture of you working hard, too. Dad can tell me where you are (I suspect Rebab Works). The picture is dated September of 2005, so it could be from the time you spent at the Springs after your major seizure episode.

So... I saw my grade for the first test in Precalculus. I did not bomb it as badly as I felt I did, though I did get a C. Whomever graded it showed me kindness in the first question, which I totally botched, because I had forgotten the distance formula. Actually, I had it right and then second guessed myself. I know this material fairly well, but I make many stupid errors.

Classes I teach went well. I did some neat gender stuff in my WMU classes, which I have been meaning to share here but haven't worked it in yet. This may be my post for Saturday, and it's actually Saturday as I type these words because I fell a bit behind. Or on second thought, since Saturday is my wedding anniversary, maybe ti would be better to save the gender thing for another day, maybe Sunday.

I had a great deal of anxiety about only having one CTU class, which is my main source of income. But I managed to get another, so I am good. Though CTU has changed the requirements for faculty for its courses, which is both a good and a bad thing. It means fewer chats per semester, but it also means more time sitting and doing discussion post responses to students.

I have been struggling to catch up on work. Even now, I should be grading, but I cannot grade constantly. I quit work at four p.m. on Friday, which in the dating of these posts is forward in time from today's date, which is Thursday, technically.

I rode a new route on my bike going to the Parkview Campus today (which is actually today). I took campus down to Stadium, I took Stadium to Rambling Road and rode by the office of my original pediatrician. You remember, right Mom? Then I cut through neighborhoods, ending up on Lorraine, where my friend Kim had lived and may still. The hill on Broadway that meets Parkview is steep, but I managed. The big hill that goes up to Parkview campus is unavoidable whether I take it on Drake or on Parkview. It's still very steep. Not quite like the Maple Street hill, which is a vertical wall, but still, steep.

I did well in Java class this week, though I forgot the best way to accumulate in a pop quiz and earned an 85/100. I hope to improve with the program assignments. Thursday, technically today, I had a Hell of a time finishing my second Java program because of a typo that was causing strange behavior. It was Friday morning before I figured it out and had to beg the TA to let me resubmit the assignment, which he allowed. In turn, I helped him out. Most of the students do not stay for Java Lab. The next, third, assignment is so easy that I am already done with it, so I helped other students who were struggling a bit with the concepts. I may do this every week as the lab TA is just one person, and he struggles to explain things well since English is not his first language.

Well, that's all for this one, Mom. This post most resembles the whole purpose of this blog, which is simply to continue our daily phone calls and conversations. But I have some things to say about the blog and its purpose, but these comments will wait for "tomorrow," even though I am about to go write them right now. For you, Mom, these date and time stamps are meaningless because you are with me, always.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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