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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #73 - Dreams part two

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #73 - Dreams part two

Hi Mom, Here's the latest accumulation of dreams to share with you.

Dream - 1508.10 (when I woke)

In this dream, I am a girl. Not sure why though this may say something about my anima. In any case, I am some kind of secret agent tasked with stealing special ancient artifacts. At some point in this dream, I home with my mother, who is doing usual mother things, for you, Mom, this was ironing.
Anyway, I steal the artifacts. One is a ring. When I put the ring on a finger, it transports me to another universe, one in which my mother either does not exist or is not alive. I go to the people who have hired me to steal the artifacts and want me to give them the artifacts. However, I do not want to give them the ring as this is my only means of getting back to my universe, and my mother. In discussing what to do, the dream with me crying and telling them that "I miss my Mom."

House destruction: Earlier in the dream sequence, I wake up (in the dream I wake up) and come out into our living room (which is designed differently than our actual living room), and a white birch tree branch (more like half of a tree) has torn through the front of the house and all the windows. There's a huge gash in our house's facade with the window cases and siding dangling where the tear happened. I also smell the pungent odor of skunk.

Dream - 1508.11

I was among friends. Three guys and a woman, whom I had recently met. But they loved each other, and I was growing to love them. The woman had just been released from the hospital. One guy said to her: "I have not see you for three days. How are you?" I told these people that though I just met them that I love them. This dream is about KUDL and the wedding I went to this last weekend.

Dream - 1508.23

As I woke from dreaming this dream, I had the sense that I had dreamed it many times before, but that's not true. In the dream, you were alive, Mom, but in prison. And yet the prison was more like a nursing home because after going through security, I always met with you in the huge dining hall. Dad was often taking a nap in a nearby recliner. I was able to give you hugs and kisses and yet wondering why I could see you alive here, in prison, and yet not outside of prison. It was a twist on the alternate reality thing that has been running through my mind. This idea that you are alive in one place and not alive in this other place. So in the dream, which I both knew was a dream and yet believed as real, you were alive in the prison but I knew you would not be elsewhere.

Much of the dream focused on how I had to pass through security in order to visit you, and I often had to bring in things to share, such as in one episode of the dream I was carting a case of bottled water. Meanwhile, some other family was bringing a huge palette of over 100 cases of Coke.

During one of my visits, we were able to talk. You were happy, and you liked the food. I gave you plenty of hugs and kisses and promised to visit tomorrow. The dream ended.

Dream - 1509.11

I dreamed about my friend John Locke, who was still a red-headed smirky man in our advanced age now, though with flecks of grey. He was visiting for the first time in many years. You were there Mom as he demonstrated his spinning coaster cup holder. At first, he had some trouble with its operation. I did not understand the purpose of some drink holder/coaster that spin like a top. But John said something about effluviating the liquid (which is from effluviate to give forth effluvium or vapor), but he couldn't demonstrate it. Meanwhile, you just laughed and laughed, Mom. You always liked John. Locke was also eating a steady diet of special varieties of croutons and crostini, as purchased at some new specialty store that just sells these crusty and toasted bread items.

Dream - 1509.12

We had lent our great room (which is a combination of the West Gull Lake Drive and Richland Woods homes though larger) to a group of K-College students holding a fund raiser dinner. Many of orange chairs (both the dining room and living room ones) were set around six different long tables filling the space. Our chairs had multiplied. You were not there, Mom, but I was thinking about you as someone gave a speech about closeness and love, the community, those we care about, those we remember, and how we had a great summer, but we don't forget those we lost, like you Mom. Many of my Ultimate friends were there. I had tears streaming down my face.

Dream - 1509.14

Mom, This dream does not feature you in any way, but it is about our family. In this dream, my Dad and I find Lori at some college where we are planning to spend the day. Later, when we try to take her home, we discover that she's already home: there are TWO Loris. Which is the real one? Noel, her husband, asks questions, but what if the doppleganger replaced the real Lori a while ago and know some more recent events for answers? Neither can explain. I suggest that they don't try to figure it out. Why not have two of my sister? One can work full time, while the other take care of her household full time. But the whole dream was infused with a weird feeling, an unsettled feeling that things were not right, an uncomfortable feeling that the wrong universe has intruded on the right universe, which is why I share, because this feeling is exactly the same as my first dream in this sequence (from 1508.10), which just happens to be the morning after my sister's birthday.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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