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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to my Mother #79 - Feedback

Hey, Mom! Talking to my Mother #79 - Feedback

Hi Mom,

I have received some nice feedback over the last seventy-nine days. Wow. Seventy-nine days of blogging this to you. Eighty one days since you died. Fragmented sentences. Wow.

So I already had this post planned and had written the last two bits way back at the end of July.

But then I got a new response, and I remembered that I should post these comments before it gets too long.

See comments in above image.

My friend Zan thought I was tired from talking to you, which, I must admit is a natural assumption given the post title if you did not already know that I was blogging these conversations to you.

As if.

I was never too tired to talk to you. In fact, what you had to say became more and more precious over the last fifteen years as your ability to communicate deteriorated. And, do you remember one of the last things you communicated? With your famous eye brow raise? A desire for ice cream?

I miss talking to you Mom. This is a good outlet for me. I feel as if I am talking to you, and I feel your presence. I know what you are saying. But it's not quite the same.

And I miss those raisings of the eye brows.

So here's two of the other comments from back in July. I have had many other wonderful comments, and I plan to feature some of them later. Liesel's Aunt Dori has been particularly kind.

Josh Hall, in Fanfare, you know who I mean, told me that he thought it was great that I was writing to you and sharing some of it with the world, on this blog. He told me he did not think that he could do that. I want to say that he told me I was brave for doing it, but I may be remembering what I wanted to hear and not what he actually said.

I made Piper and her boyfriend, Adam, cry with one of the early entries.


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