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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #242 - DJ DIMSA

painting by Beatrice Sniper - Brooklyn
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #242 - DJ DIMSA 

Hi Mom,

I want to share beautiful things with you today.

Time again to share some music.

I found DJ Dimsa back in 2011 when I started to discover podcasts. Warren Ellis wrote about podcasts of music and started his own SPEKTRMODULE, which I have written about here
T-shirt #75. I found DJ Dimsa's music on Mix DJ, which originally allowed for the downloading of mixes, a practice that was discontinued right after I found the mixes, which is why I only have seven files loaded on my system. I present two of those mixes here (Smoke Screen and Impulse) as DJ Dimsa has loaded them both to You Tube and Mix Cloud.

These are among my favorite mixes by DJ Dimsa, but I have loaded several others, both older favorites and newer favorites, including his brand new mix DEEP LIPS, just posted Tuesday March 1st.

Many of the images he uses for the cover art for the mixes derive from a European erotic aesthetic, that I can appreciate while I also understand some of the sexist trappings of the oeuvre. But yeah, I like looking at the sexy women. I am wired that way. It's instinct that is fueled by years of looking at sexy women. Coded and supported by behavior. The double whammy.

My wife would call this my "porno music" though this kind of jazz, down-tempo, house, funk, chill, lounge sound is not so much the atmosphere of porno movies, which, honestly, don't have a lot of music or production values from what I understand.

Anyway, I found that I loved these mixes that DJ Dimsa put together. Some more than others. Some times I am not in the mood for the relentless beats of most house music. But when I am in the mood, this is kind of easy listening that fills my space with lovely sound but does not draw too much of my attention.

More specifically, DJ Dimsa described his music as "Jazz Funk, Jazzy House, Deep House, Nu Jazz and Smooth Jazz."

Dimsa listed Lonnie Liston Smith as a huge inspiration. Check this out.


Awesome stuff.

You know I am not just sharing but creating a page I can use to access this music, right?

Readers not my Mom, please share with your friends.

Share the beauty.

"A good downtempo mix is like a progressive relaxation. It's not about one single song, but rather a series of perfectly ordered and mixed tracks that evoke the right mood. The DJ has to go deeper and deeper and deeper before really getting into the listener's head." - from  QUORA INTERVIEW

One of the artists he endorsed (and played) on a recent mix is known as RA:DN3 and these Italian musicians also have a SOUND CLOUD channel.

MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJDimsa/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/djay.dimsa
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/DJDimsa
DJ Dimsa Mixography - The Complete Collection: https://www.facebook.com/Djdimsa
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DJDimsa
Exclusive Interview with DJ Dimsa: http://maxmuzik.com/interviews/exclus...
EMAIL: Dimsa@mail.com

I copied the above set of links right off the You Tube page. I am reposting two and then another I found that Dimsa did not list.





DAMMIT YOU TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that You Tube is going to annoy the fucking shit out of me with ads until I pony up the $9.99 a month for YouTubeRed. I like You Tube. I even LOVE You Tube, that would be fair to say. Do I want to another $10/month that I shell out to avoid advertising?

You Tube just interrupted the DJ Dimsa mix I was listening to midway through with an ad.

Is that worth $120 a year to avoid?

I have a feeling that more and more content will move over into You Tube Red. I have not yet tried to launch a video to have it to tell me that the content is only available on You Tube Red, but I feel it is only a matter of time before I encounter that issue.


Track # Start Time Track Name (version) Artist Name Record Label Locate Track
01 00:00 Get Around With It Monodeluxe N/A
02 06:03 Castle Nicco N/A
03 09:41 M. Dupont The Dining Rooms N/A
04 13:09 Map Of Dusk Bombay Dub Orchestra N/A
05 17:28 Without You Ypey N/A
06 21:28 a beautiful space the ballistic brothers N/A07 27:28 Everyday Mettle Music N/A
08 32:23 Meeting friends on a walk Krystian Shek N/A09 36:07 La Guitare Enchantee Grand Tourism N/A
10 40:25 Bob Bebel Gilberto N/A
11 45:09 First Icon Numaro N/A
12 49:09 First Day


SMOKE SCREEN published 2011
Yet Seen By 00:00 Espresso Del Lago
1 Losing My Mind (Mixed By Jon Hopkins) By 04:42 Honeyroot
2 L'Horizzonte By 07:21 Climatic
3 Night Dub By 12:07 Martinex
4 Summer Breezin' By 18:01 Kuba
5 Light Of The Sun(Summer Mix) By 23:20 Unknown
6 Burbujas By 26:59 Marco Balocco Feat. Silvia Vivanco
7 Easy My Mind By 33:41 Jazz Liberatorz
8 Acid Beach (Lounge Mix) By 37:44 Savanna Feat. Salvador
9 Give Me The Night (Chillout Version) By 42:46 Smoma
10 Roodbeets By 48:00 Afterlife
11 Descender By 52:31 Grand Synthe


MYSTIC LOUNGE MIX - Published on Feb 24, 2016
01 00:00 Sven Van Hees - Viking Blues (Sikeborg Shuffle)
01 04:20 Freddy & Herman - Aquarius
03 08:53 Beat Pharmacy - Drifter
04 14:55 DN3 - Channel 3 (Original Mix)
05 18:13 Blackfish - Hidden Shore (Asia Mix)
06 23:43 Sven Van Hees - Before Afterhours
07 27:47 Kingsley - Late Night Lounge
08 31:49 Tropical Deep - A sax solo.
09 36:08 The Messenger - Exposures (Raygun Remix)
10 42:56 Rurals - Pipette


DEEP TIL DAWN - Published on Feb 10, 2013
Play List:
01 00:00 Jerome, Marc Ozz - Bondai Beach
02 03:59 Audiomontage - Movin' On
03 09:15 Deep Spelle - Back In Town - Deep Active Sound Remix
04 14:41 Nordstadt Rhythm Trio - Deeperless - New York Deep Version
05 18:04 Monodeluxe - Afternoon City (Original Mix)
06 22:23 Mathew Mulholland - I Need Music
07 29:10 Bifman & Fra N Kie - Mold & Gasoline (Sodda Remix)
08 34:07 JazzLoungerz feat. Natasha Watts - Tell Me (Pete Moss' Life On Jupiter Remix)
09 41:43 Lance Desardi - Vibration
10 45:53 Vincenzo de Robertis - Paragamba


INTERLUDE- CHILLOUT- Published on Mar 19, 2014
01 00:00 Rock Candy Funk Party - The Best Ten Minutes of Your Life
02 07:45 Demarco Electronic Project - September Lounge
03 14:24 Afterlife - Makes Me Feel
04 19:16 Eigenart - Wolkenbank
05 24:20 Linkwood Family - Miles Away
06 31:54 duke b - in the lodge
07 34:29 Nina Simone - Feelin' Good (Joe Claussell remix)
08 39:15 Dancehall Places - Grandadbob
09 43:16 Chris Brann - You're Still Here
10 48:40 Lulu Rouge - Melank
11 52:54 Waldeck - This Isnt't Maybe


SLOW MOTION - Published on Mar 17, 2015

01 00:00 Openzone Bar - Down Under Snowball
02 03:48 Merge Of Equals - merge of equals-clear blue sky
03 08:17 Grand Synthe - Descender
04 12:58 Nor Elle - Freddy Is Gone
05 18:11 living room - jazzistics
06 20:52 Lukas Greenberg - New Time
07 26:18 Cane Garden Quartet - Chillaxin
08 31:09 Monodeluxe - so long
09 36:30 Openzone Bar - Lifestyle
10 41:52 Marcel - Salamandra
11 45:20 Timewarp Inc. - phatmatrix
12 49:18 Jens Buchert - Dominion
13 52:59 Don Gorda Project - Take A Rest


SUBMISSION - Published on Mar 23, 2014
01 00:00 Changing Faces - Stroke You Up
02 03:27 Barbara Fowler - Feel Me
03 07:38 Tyrese - Sweet Lady
04 11:36 Silk - Freak Me
05 15:38 Jodeci - Freek 'N You
06 19:41 Maxwell - Fortunate
07 24:01 Anthony Hamilton - Charlene
08 27:59 112 - Be Right Here
09 32:35 Cunnie Williams - Barry's Mood
10 37:47 Funky Dl - So Sexy
11 41:23 Full Flava & Beverlei Brown - Love Holds No Limit
12 44:37 Kenya Henry Gimme Dat
13 48:44 Tatyana Ali - Boy You Knock Me Out


DEEP LIPS - Published on Mar 1, 2016
01 00:00 Amanaska - Make it better
02 04:50 Nperfectduo - Take Me As You Like
03 12:40 Ganga - Yess
04 17:20 Naked Rhythm - Gypsy Majik (Gypsy Lounge Vocal Remix)
05 20:50 Lemongrass - Bee
06 24:30 Retro Rider - Camel Ride
07 30:20 South Beats - Sabor De Bahia
08 35:40 pauline london - maybe yesterday
09 40:50 Summerland - Soulmate (Swag Remix)
10 45:10 J. Axel - As Deep As It Gets
11 49:50 Gigi - Mood Is Right (Migs & Jelly Mix)
12 54:50 Phil Kinley - Siempre 


No song list - published 1210.18

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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