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Friday, March 11, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #248 - People keep dying

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #248 - People keep dying

Hi Mom,

There's too many deaths in this 12 month period. I had a death in my family less than a year ago and then David Bowie and now Harper Lee, Phillips, and Umberto Eco all in one fell swoop. Something in the universe is broken.

And now more since I started this entry weeks ago, author Pat Conroy and musician Keith Emerson.

And I am just focusing on the deaths of famous artists (and one Baseball player, whom I loved), but there have been others. Nancy Reagan just passed away.

Surely, there are more artists than I am listing here, but it does seem that 2016 has seen a lot of deaths by significant artists, and several, like David Bowie, were taken too soon. Some of these deaths were unexpected. I am not sure if expected and sitting vigil at the death bed is better than unexpected. Had you gone, Mom, in 2000, it would have been much more devastating. As it was, we nursed you back and enjoyed time with you for another fifteen years.

But then, allow me to try some levity with the image that forms the header or banner of this entry.




Pat Conroy's Last Days

Glenn Frey dies at 67

Progressive Rock Legend Keith Emerson Dies


Following the news of Tony Phillips passing, I wrote the following to a Detroit Tigers email list to which I have belonged since the 1990s.

This brings me out of lurk mode. I echo the sentiments of Roger and Peter. I LOVED Tony Phillips. His excessive sunflower seed eating brilliance at getting on base and doing the right things as a hitter was not marred by his later cocaine arrest in terms of affecting my estimation of him. And I happen to like hot heads. Passion and especially passion for the game is a good trait.

I was impressed to learn that he has been playing independent leagues this whole time.

A small thing but since Peter mentioned Chad Curtis: I ran into Curtis in an airport. The Tigers had played the Yankees, and Curtis, with our team at the time, was flying on my flight (so not with the team). And all his bags were decorated with Anaheim Angels logos. I don't remember how long he had been a Tiger at this point, but I was a bit offended. He was never really a Tiger, yet Phillips was. He invested.


In other news, Monica Byrne left me a reply at Patreon that she also wrote to her mother for a long time after she (her mother) died. This makes me feel affirmed, as if I am not so crazy after all. Not that I really thought I was crazy, but it's also nice to have affirmation.


Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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