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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #247 - The Triggering is dumb (I agree)

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #247 - The Triggering is dumb (I agree)

Hi Mom, I am borrowing WHOLE HOG this re-shared gif and text from The Mary Sue just to get it out there as it started yesterday and ends today, March 10th, according to the sit rep.

I do not have permission to re-share this content in this way. so if The Mary Sue objects after I post and push to Twitter and Facebook and Google and all, then I will have to take this down or modify it. But I doubt that will happen. I am giving due credit. I will put all the text from The Mary Sue in another color, and I am helping to spread the word WITH CREDIT.

Plus, I freaking love this Kristen Ritter head roll gif. It's brilliant.

And this Triggering thing? More stupid BACKLASH, which, wasn't that like a thing in 1991 when Susan Faludi wrote the book?

Here's the skinny via The Mary Sue:

Determined to maintain social media’s status as a greasy dumpster fire, some Internet jerks are coining March 9th and 10th #TheTriggering. It’s basically an attempt to defend freedom of speech, which is “under attack by cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us.” The “us” there refers to the fine folk at the “anti-SJW” website AgeOfShitlords.

How are they going to defend freedom of speech? Glad you asked! The idea is that they’ll go onto social media and post offensive things in order to defend their right to post offensive things. So, basically, it’s the Internet on a normal freaking day.

AgeOfShitlords user TheFoolAndTheWorld goes on to explain:

That is why on March 9th and 10th, to fight treating people with respect [sorry, had my “PC2Respect” extension on –Ed.] political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.
#TheTriggering is the brainchild of anti-feminist/journalist Lauren Southern, who gained notoriety by showing up to a slutwalk in Vancouver and proudly held up a sign that read “There is no rape culture in the West.”

As you can imagine, terrible Internet people everywhere have been rubbing their hands together in anticipation of today and tomorrow, when they finally have an excuse to post horrifically offensive things. I have no idea how that differs from any other day for them, but there you go.

This all being said: take care on the Internet today, folks. More so than normal, I guess.

(via We Hunted The Mammoth)
(my text pull came via The Mary Sue)

I feel like sticking out my tongue at them. Instead I will share a video song my wife shared this morning.

I mean this as a giant fuck you and tongue sticking out and whapping the top of my helmet and farting in the general direction of these empty-headed animal food trough wipers!

If you don't know the Mary Sue, check it out from the home page: THE MARY SUE.

Of course the hash tag #TheTriggering does not get even a nibble on Twitter. It's like it's not happening. It's definitely not trending high. But if you search the hash tag, there's a page. YAWN.

Reflect and connect.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.

Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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