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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #32 - Dreams pt.1

From Thunderstorms
Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #32 - Dreams pt.1

Hi Mom,

I am in Colon at the Magic Get-Together. I already had enough written here to make a worthy post, so I am going ahead with it as I have grades to finish and lots of magic to see. I will have a full report for you after the get-together as well as the wedding I am going to Saturday.

I am going to collect dreams and share them with the readers. I think you were there, so for you, this is repeat.

Dates will be when I went to sleep not when I woke up.



- Someone was at our Hazelwood house helping paint something in the basement. It was some guy with a thick beard. Supposedly, some family friend. He was mixing paint with your good silverware. Your good dinner forks were crusted with brown paint. I gathered up all the silverware and brought it upstairs and started cleaning it. I feel it's my job, now that you're gone, to do such things.

- I am in the West Gull Lake Drive house standing at the big counter that divided the dining room and the living room. I am standing in the right-most corner of the space, near where the counter turns to form the dining room side of the kitchen counter. I make a joke about you being dead. No one laughs. Melanie, Dad, Lori... no one laughs. Then I say, "Ba-da-dum! I am here all week." And you laugh. You are in your wheelchair in the living room facing me. I am looking you and thinking, "why are you here. You're dead." And then you're not there anymore, and I am next to Liesel, and I am crying.

- There were some other parts that I can't remember.


- Date unknown but before you died, Mom, so before July 4th, 2015

- I am wearing a stocking cap, and I reach up to remove, pulling  it off toward the back of my head, and it takes all the hair off the top of my head with it, leaving a weird oval ring of fleshy skull around the top of my head. Suddenly, I am totally bereft. My life is over. How will I go on living without my hair?

ANALYSIS: Hair is associated with my mother because of her long term care of own hair and the premature grey I inherited from her.



You were hosting a birthday party for me. This dream takes place before the meningitis. It was an elaborate affair, and yet you apologized to me, wishing you could do more. I had friends over from Fanfare, and we were playing games. We were in some modified version of the West Gull Lake Drive house. There was also a part in which I went downstairs to choose a t-shirt to wear, and I am suddenly in a modified version of the laundry area of the Hazelwood house. I have many t-shirts to choose from, many of which have not been washed yet. Later, the dream morphed some more, and there were guests who needed to spend the night or who were awaiting rides. Many of these were family friends that I did not know well. We are all watching a movie while we wait for the police who are supposed to come by to arrest me for some reason. I am not too concerned about being arrested. This is more of a formality apparently. There's a discussion of whether they will handcuff me. Also, it's a Friday night, and they are late showing up, so there's a theory that they will wait to arrest me until Monday, and let me have the weekend at home. Even though there's this sense that I will be taken away from my family for a significant period of time, I am not so concerned about being arrested. And yet still this is my birthday party, and you are there, Mom. And you seem to want me to know that all you have done is still not enough.



Last night, I dreamed of magic.


Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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