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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #41 - KUDL TOURNAMENT 2015

Pictured in the above photo: Back row: Nate Trela, Dylan Denison, Topher Barrett, Matt Fraaza, Brian Kirklin, Matt Bateman, me (chris tower), Lenny Stoehr. FRONT: Indigo McCollum, Sarah Allard, Little (Andrew Hamilton), Kaitlyn Toohey, Emily Pirog, Cole Dueringer. Not pictured: Andrew Hunter and Michelle Ringle-Barrett.


And now for the award that really matters. KUDL voted Lime Green - sLIMErs as most SPIRITED team. Perhaps this spirit comes from the fact that all sLIMErs agreed that this was their favorite and best ever KUDL team! sLIMErs thank all of KUDL for their generous acknowledgement. They had a blast all summer, and it showed! Below: sLIMErs on costume night.

Hey, Mom! Talking to My Mother #41 - KUDL 

Hi Mom,

Played in the KUDL Ultimate tournament today.

I had the best time at this year's KUDL torunament that I have ever had at any KUDL event. Chiefly, this great fun was due to my fantastic team. The sLIMErs team (get it? We're LIME green. Ghostbusters. "He slimed me!") put together by me and Sarah Allard was the single best KUDL team I have ever had the privilege to play on. Granted, we did not win the championship as my team did in 2010 (and I loved that team, too, with all of my heart), and I missed having my fourth finals appearance in our ten year history (my others were last year, 2014, 2010, and 2008). But this team?? Wow is all I can say. Sarah and I drafted for two things: experience and people with whom we wanted to play. As such, even with the people we didn't know yet, we assembled a team of people with whom we unequivocally wanted to play and with whom we had a BLAST all summer.

one of my ego taunts with the old KUSS trophy and my medal for winning the 2010 KUDL Summer League

Mom, I needed to have a blast because, you know...

I went to Ultimate two days after you died. Sarah sent around a card that everyone signed on both our team and the opposing team. I didn't even see her do it!

The mix of people was just right. And we played hard. We only lost one game in the "games that count." We were 7-2 overall and 5-1 in games that count.

At the tournament, we did lose the first game to a team we cannot seem to beat, a team that gave us one of our two losses, in Liquid Oxygen led by my good friend Lanny Potts.

We won the next game against Solid Gold: a Tribute. But then even though we were leading at halftime by two points, we could not finish off the Green Team who won the whole thing.

However, I discovered an ERROR in the standings. We were supposedly ranked as a 4-2 team because the score for the final week was misreported. ACTUALLY, we were a 5-1 team and clearly the second seed, which means we would have had different match ups in the tournament and MAY have played in the Finals instead of losing in the semi-finals.

Oh well. We won the award for most spirited team, which is what matters REALLY. Keep reading for more on that.

Above is my Twitter message that I sent after the tournament.

Actually, I fudged it a little. My surgery was actually on August 16th, 2013, my parents' wedding anniversary and the day before my wife, Liesel's, birthday. But the Twitter message seemed to work better the way I did it, so I went with it.

Here's the card my team and the opposing team SMOKESTACK signed.

Here's our record from this glorious 2015 season!!!

I am including on my blog text I wrote and sent to KUDL and posted to our web site. Here it is.

KUDL SUMMER 2015 TOURNAMENT: Huckable and strike cutty thank yous to all the glorious individuals who made KUDL’s 2015 and tenth anniversary season a ROUSING success. Obvious thank yous to our twenty team captains. But also re-iterated thank yous to Jordan Kuhl for masterminding KUDL shorts sales, Will Maddix for survey creation, Sarah Allard for award creation, Danica Keefe for tournament direction, Bruce “Fris” Johnson for tireless organizing super powers, and all our Brain Trust personnel. KUDL loves you all.

KUDL 2015 SUMMER WINNERS: Congratulations to KUPPA TROOP (Dark Green) and captains David Mandrick and Cody Winsborrow for winning the 2015 KUDL Summer League. See full team list and huckles on our web site (kudl.org). And please give them all love and hugs when you next see them. This is Cody’s second win a row making him the ONLY KUDL captain to win in back-to-back years. Cody also joins an exclusive club of captains with two summer wins, including Ed Kenny and now David Mandrick.

Pictured in the above photo: Back row: Nate Trela, Dylan Denison, Topher Barrett, Matt Fraaza, Brian Kirklin, Matt Bateman, me (chris tower), Lenny Stoehr. FRONT: Indigo McCollum, Sarh Allard, Little (Andrew Hamilton), Kaitlyn Toohey, Emily Pirog, Cole Dueringer.

SPIRIT WINNERS: Congratulations to sLIMErs (lime green) who you all voted as most spirited team. As one of the captains of that team, I cannot think of any accolade that means more to us. Thank you KUDL. We had a blast playing all of you this summer. Let’s do it again next year!

INDIVIDUAL TEAM AWARDS: Too many to name, but sometime soon, these will get posted to our web site. Revel in your glory there.

MVP WOMEN: Our all league KUDL woman MVP for 2015 was Alissa “Aslan” Neff of Rock Lobsters (red). Super Awesome!!

MVP MEN: Our MVP for men resulted in a tie between Clayton Cole Dueringer of sLIMErs (lime green) and Andy “Big” Momotiuk of Tropical Punch (aqua blue). Super Awesome!!

OLYMPICS: For those who may have missed it, Ultimate was recently recognized as a sport by the International Olympics Committee.

Read on at BBC NEWS.

Have someone give you a kiss, and tell you that I love you.
Talk to you tomorrow, Mom.


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We were the coolest team at the tournament with our own fan!

More after jump.........

tents are being assembled

sLIMErs chat at half time 

More sLIMer chat
and what Indigo called her MILF hat

Chatting after the game.

sLIMErs watch the FINALS

KUDL TENT CITY 2015 tournament
literally, like, ten tents all in a row
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