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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Sense of Doubt blog post #1419 - TEN THINGS I LIKE- for school - a self introduction pt.2

SUSHI from my birthday dinner 1702. 28 via Liesel
A Sense of Doubt blog post #1419 - TEN THINGS I LIKE - for school - a self introduction pt.2

I am asking my students to list ten things that they like as part of their self introductions for LCC English 101 class.

I want them to to add the list to their self introduction blogs,  and so I sharing this one as a sample and  a companion to my self introduction blog, from here:


I want to encourage them to have variety, like I think mine has.

I made this list very quickly, first impressions, off the top of my head.

Because of this some obvious things like David Bowie, Baseball, and scotch did not make the list. But that's okay; it's spontaneous.

After the list, I have photos and previous blog content if I have written about the thing (or shared anything at all).


1. Mad Magazine

2. sushi

3. Ultimate

4. Pink Floyd's Animals

5. Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale

6. The Legion of Superheroes comic books

7. Programming in Python

8. UFOs, Intelligent life on other worlds, and assorted conspiracy theories

9. Jungian Psychology

10. Winnie the Pooh and the Tao of Pooh and Tao te Ching and Gnosticism and it's ALL CONNECTED!!!

1. Mad Magazine

2. sushi

Sushi Dinner 1702.28

sushi dinner 1704.02 by Liesel (1)

sushi dinner 1704.02 by Liesel (2)

3. Ultimate


One of the greatest joys of my life has been playing Ultimate for the last 30+ years.

I am sort of amazed that I am still playing, though I am not sure if the hobbling around on the field that I do really constitutes the playing I did in my youth, which was still never as good as that of the top flight players in the game.

I am not nor could I ever be a serious athlete.

But one thing I learned when I started playing out west is that I have some skills, if only the ability to make personal connections with people, which is why I would be good on the Survivor TV show.

In the picture on the left, I have just finished playing the last KUDL (Kalamazoo Ultimate Disc League) summer tournament while still a resident of Michigan in 2017.

I tried to return and play in 2018, but it didn't work out.

4. Pink Floyd's Animals

5. Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale


6. The Legion of Superheroes comic books

I just wrote about why family is the core value of my life and so why the comics I love best are those that embody the concept of the family. One of my favorite superhero families is the Legion of Superheroes.


A futuristic club of super-powered teenagers from different planets?

Um..... sign me up, please!!

7. Programming in Python


8. UFOs, Intelligent life on other worlds, and assorted conspiracy theories

I don't think I have written enough about my affection for books about UFOs or conspiracy theories.

There's a great You Tube channel for some of the content. See one video below.


Me teaching Jungian thought and Winnie the pooh

9. Jungian Psychology

10. Winnie the Pooh and the Tao of Pooh and Tao te Ching and Gnosticism and it's ALL CONNECTED!!!


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